Lisa Rinna Has Surgery to Fix Overly Inflated Lips

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Actress Lisa Rinna has had surgery to fix her inflated lips that she admits were enlarged several years ago by silicone injections. She underwent surgery in August to reduce their overall size.

According to Monsters and Critics, Rinna was tired of being defined by her plumped up lips, so decided to seek a cosmetic surgeon who would perform surgery to reduce them and make them look as natural as possible.

Lisa Rinna did learn that once she admitted to having had the silicone injections in her lips that people’s reactions weren’t kind.

“I think naivety is bliss and for 24 years I had this lip and really did not pay any attention, I think everyone guessed it but I just never said it was true and when I came out and said it, it just opened the floodgate,” she says.

Rinna is a little upset that this latest news in her big lip saga is causing yet another buzz. She had the big lips made smaller, and yet she’s back in the news. It would seem, however, if one wants to keep their lips out of the limelight that having them plumped up with silicone maybe isn’t the road to take.

And now that they’re reduced? Just give it some time, Lisa. Once the swelling is gone and the lips look more normal than they have in 24 years, the chatter will simmer down.

So what’s next? Maybe a little Botox?

Lisa Rinna used to star on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” and is also a former “Melrose Place” star. She is married to actor Harry Hamlin.


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