Lisa Rinna’s Bikini TwitPic Homage to Demi Moore – Yes or No? [Poll]

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The world got a pic of Lisa Rinna in her bikini. Rinna, who is set to star in her own reality series later this year, tweeted a picture of herself wearing the animal print bikini along with sunglasses. She claims that it was an homage to Demi Moore, who also had a similar bikini pic.

Lisa Rinna Tweeted Bikini Picture

According to the Huffington Post, Rinna tweeted, “Doin the Demi! Power to the 47yr olds!!!!! She is my idol! :)”

On the surface this may have seemed like a good idea. However, once you actually look into it, you realize that Rinna was just using the publicity from the Demi Moore bikini photo to try to promote herself and her newest venture.

It’s safe to say that both Demi Moore and Lisa Rinna look amazing for their age. It is also great for them to show off what they have. However, these types of pictures may be better kept to themselves. Wear a bikini for sure if you look awesome in one and can pull it off. But, think twice before snapping a photo with a cell phone and posting it in Twitter for all the world to see. At least let the paparazzi catch you in your swimsuit rather than self promoting.

What do you think? Should the cougars be posting bikini pictures of themselves at their age? Answer the poll below.

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