Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Sued for Sexual Assault

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Lisa Vanderpump is always in the middle of the drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and now, she’s in the middle of some serious legal drama off-screen. Her Beverly Hills restaurant, Villa Blanca, was the scene of an alleged sexual assault, and now she is being sued.

Karina Bustillas, who has starred in such films as The Mexican Conspiracy and 86’d, claims that the manager, Michael Govia, once told her to close her eyes and when she opened them, he was pretending to be kissing her. In addition to that, Karina claims he told other employees of the restaurant that if he wanted, he could sleep with her. When Karina approached him and requested he stop, he refused.

Karina then told Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, about the incident, but she claims they gave her the cold shoulder and was later forced to quit. Now, she is suing Lisa, Ken, and Michael for more than $5 million.

Lisa Vanderpump tells TMZ, “The waitress had a falling out with a manager. Of course I take that seriously. We’ve looked at all the cameras, and there’s no sexual harassment. This is just a disgruntled employee.”

It’s a shame that celebrities are constantly the target of ridiculous lawsuits. If something had been happening between her and the manager, why didn’t Karina quit sooner? Plus, does she really feel entitled to $5 million? That’s a lot of money, and as a waitress, it would have taken her a lifetime to make that kind of money—even in Beverly Hills.

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