List one pro and/or one con of social networking please…

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Hi all, haven’t been that active in a while. However did start a 2ND group and posted a new article. Please feel free to drop by. Also, invite me as a friend if you like, invite me to your group, and send me a post or picture of yours so that I can visit and comment as well. Thanks for helping, Stephen Hauser (runningman72)

Subject: [How to Benefit from Social Networking]List one pro and/or con of social networking please (new group, new article) Sent: Aug 24, 2010 09:02 AM EDT

For one million dollars (JUST KIDDING, we wish right lol?), please list one pro and/or one con of social networking. I’ll go first. For me, the biggest benefit of social networking is the people of course. I love connecting with relatives, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, colleagues, classmates, building relationships, sharing ideas, learning things, having fun, and even making new friends. It is great to catch up after many years, to share pics, etc. One of the biggest drawbacks however is the danger that lurks there sometimes, for example someone hacking someone’s account, sending viruses, trying to steal identity, and worst of all predators who attempt to coerce people especially younger ones.

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