Listening As the Sea Hears the Moon

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Listening as the

Sea hears the moon

–Cascading flow and

Ebb undertow

Melded in


Tortured ecstasy.


A thousand words

For every birds

Eye picture.

My body giving

In to my mind.

My soul somewhere


Silent worlds

Of unseen eyes and

Inward probing.

This neurotic moon

Swaying visceral waters.

Deeper currents not

Complying as yet in

This cosmic


Light & matter

Darkness & void


Affecting only the surface

Pulling back in


Pushing back

To the ever-changing


When affecting

Only the surface

Appears to

Be dull monotony

At the beck and call of the

Moon’s every whim


And other orbs play

Their part with her.



But infinitely deeper

Dramatic ebb and flow

Cannot be witnessed

By the seagulls gaze.

The thoughts of the soul

Are faint or nil

In the patterns of


Our bodies

Listening to this galactic

Dialogue seethe

In stagnant waters

When the mind like the

Moon is all she hears

Or whatever brings

In a stronger signal.



We have taken her away

Kept her estranged as

Mutated cells eating away

Conformed to the

Image of the empty shell

Of a neural network

Caught in a degenerative loop

–A dense

Gravitational pull slowly

Leading her along

Into the vortex of the

Absence of light.



Yet something our minds

Cannot understand as

Yet is developing

Out of sight-mind after

The imploding of her

Beautiful mass


The burning-out of

Countless worlds


Even the farthest reaches

Of the poetic eye

A primeval genesis before the garden

Attempting with

Greater resolve to

Orchestrate the divine

Purpose of

Our genesis.


And tuned to higher

Orgasmic harmony

The new

Birth of soul leading

Body & mind

Her voice

Being the gravitational orb

Swaying visceral

Waters and deeper currents

Hopefully complying this

Time around.




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All Rights Reserved.





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