Listeria-Tainted Lettuce from California Recalled

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True Leaf Farms in California has recalled 2,498 cartons of romaine lettuce that may contain listeria. The product was sent to 19 US states, as well as Canada. Originally, the company seems to have tried to downplay the recall by only recalling 90 cartons, but the Food and Drug Administration requested a wider recall and the company complied. This comes on the heels of the listeria-tainted cantaloupe recall in Colorado.

While no illnesses have been linked to this recall, there were 72 illnesses and 13 deaths linked to the killer cantaloupes. It seems like it just isn’t safe to eat healthy right now. First the cantaloupe and now the romaine lettuce, both of which are tainted with a life-threatening contaminant. This might be a good time to start growing your own vegetables.

The recalled lettuce is now considered expired. The bags and boxes affected have a 9/29/11 expiration date and B256-46438-8 as the code. Why did it take so long for the FDA and True Leaf Farms to recall the killer lettuce? That is the big question, especially when you consider that the listeria-tainted lettuce was found September 12 and September 13. That means that for two weeks, people could have been consuming this lettuce without knowing that their healthy eating habits were posing a risk to their health.

What do you think about all of these food recalls? Is it safe to buy fresh produce?

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