Little Debbie Petites

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Has anyone seen the new Little Debbie Petite cakes in stores?  I received an e-mail about them recently, and they looked delicious, so when I saw them in my local grocery store this past weekend, I coudn’t resist picking up a box.  There were several different varieties, but the strawberry cake with buttercream flavored icing caught my attention first because I love strawberries.  Now that I have tried them, I have a new addiction and just had to share how delicious these little cakes are.  There are 6 individually wrapped cakes in a box, and you can smell the aroma of strawberries when you open the package.  The little cakes are moist, and the buttercream icing is light, smooth and creamy and tastes almost homemade.  At my store, they were selling for $1.79 a box.  Each cake is the perfect indulgence when you want a small treat to satisfy that craving for something sweet.  I do not remember all of the varieties, but I did see chocolate and yellow cake with buttercream icing among them.  You just have to try them, but be careful!  They are addictive! 

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