Little girls dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” VIDEO: Parents respond to uproar

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The web is on fire this morning over a video of 8 year old girls performing a dance routine to Beyonce’s hit song “Single Ladies”.  The issue?  Is this routine too sexy for 8 year olds?  Umm… yes.  The exact same dance, if performed while properly clothed might play differently, but I doubt it.  Little girls should not move that way.  The “outfits” worn in the video should not even be available to children this young.

With the criticism getting louder, the girls’ parents appeared on Good Morning America this morning to defend the routine.  The parents are claiming that the video has been taken “out of context” and was not meant to be seen by a million people.  In what context is this okay?  The parents go on to say that the costumes are made for movement and completely appropriate for dance wear.  They made no apologies for their stunning lack of judgment.  I won’t even allow my 5 year old daughter to watch this video.

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