“Little House on the Prairie” Banned?

“Little House on the Prairie” was banned at one time in the United States.  The book not the television show was banned because of its racist attitude toward Native Americans.

Is it racist to tell the truth? 

A diary that I taught in school some 15 years ago, “The Diary of Mary Rowlandson” is no longer taught in schools because of its negative portrayal of Native Americans.

Is this not ridiculous?  In Mary Rowlandson’s diary, she tells of how she is captured by Indians and made tow walk with her six year old daughter in the snow, as the baby dies in her arms from an arrow. 

Now, this is not pleasant, but it is allowed to portray Americans as racist, and stealing Indian land.  Settlers were not all evil, nor were Native Americans.  Evil exists, but banning the truth on either side and especially, now were it is reversed and we simply portray Native Americans as loving, caring people who were only concerned with the environment, is a distortion of the truth.

Perhaps, hatred and anger would stop if everyone were allowed to tell the truth, such as the historically accurate books of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and the Diary of Mary Rowlandson.

Maybe we could do away with our forefathers as being ruthless monsters, and return to maybe there are two sides to every story.

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