‘Little People Big World: Wedding Farm’ Military Wedding Recap

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On this week’s episode of Little People Big World: Wedding Farm, the family works with a military bride. Her husband isn’t with her when she first tours the farm, but she is very happy with what she sees. She says that she is a country girl and the farm is a wonderful place for a country wedding.

In true Roloff fashion, the family gets to work preparing for the wedding, which has to be done quickly so the couple can get married while he is on leave. Matt and Amy enlist the help of Zack and his girlfriend to get the work done; however, that leads to a near disaster when the cake gets messed up. Luckily, Zack and his girlfriend show up just in time with a cake. The wedding couple is none the wiser until after the ceremony is over.

This episode of Little People Big World: Wedding Farm was a good reminder of how important special events like this are to the men and women serving our country. It was also a great reminder of how much the spouses and significant others of military members have to do during deployments. It was refreshing to see the Roloff family focus on making a military family start their life journey off in such a special way.

The next new episode airs on TLC Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST.


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