Liv Tyler to Get Naked and Steamy Hot in ‘The Ledge’! Nervous or Naughty?

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Was Liv Tyler nervous about appearing naked in her new movie “The Ledge?” Stephen Tyler’s sexy daughter hasn’t appeared naked since 1996, when she appeared in “Stealing Beauty.”

The beautiful actress gave in to the naked scene on “Stealing Beauty” after first deliberating over it for some time. Liv Tyler admitted her nervousness. She stated, “I was like, ‘No way, sorry.”

Tyler also added, “Of course the thought of showing your body parts is a terrifying thought — I find it terrifying. Let alone the whole world. And I fought it until the very end.”

What was “the very end” for Tyler? Did she think she would not get another flick if she didn’t compromise and appear naked for the film. Liv Tyler is less nervous appearing naked, after the world has already seen her “au naturel” before. Practice makes Perfect!

Could it be that her father Stephen Tyler’s popularity on “American Idol” helped her to get the steamy role on “The Ledge?” She will play the wife of a fundamental Christian, who is played by Patrick Wilson. She will play the role of a former drug addict. The film is considered a “philosophical thriller.”

In the movie, Liv Tyler hooks up with “an atheist, played by Charlie Hunnam, who threatens to jump off a high-rise building.”

“The Ledge” will be released on July 8th. Will you go see the movie because it sounds intriguing or because Tyler appears naked in the film? Wouldn’t it be extraordinary if producers didn’t have to throw in a steamy, naked love scene to attract audiences to the movie theatre? What ever happened to the writers that wrote intriguing story lines that drew crowds?

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