‘Live From Daryl’s House’ – At The Borgata With Sharon Jones and Allen Stone (Recap)

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“Live From Daryl’s House” celebrated Daryl Hall’s 66th birthday by airing a concert he and guests Sharon Jones and Allen Stone held at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

There’s been a little problem with some of the LFDH episodes which was mentioned in at least one previous recap. Daryl needs an editor to take a look at the spelling of names in the web cast. Music is the main stay of the show but Hall is made to look stupid when the name of a guest is spelled two different ways.

On the main page, guest Allen Stone’s name is spelled the correct way, Allen, but in the opening segment his name is spelled Alan. This difference is pretty important to fans and to Allen himself, right Darryll?

Okay, enough with spelling and on to the show. It starts off with Daryl, Sharon, Allen (Alan) and Daryl’s band sitting around in the dressing room. The band members are Paul Pesco, Brian Dunne, Eliot Lewis, Porter Carroll, Charlie DeChant, Cochmea Gastelum, and Klyde Jones. Here’s hoping the names are spelled right because the spelling was taken from the credits on the web page.

Daryl tells the viewers that they’re showing some behind the scenes insights, “At least what we can show.” The group is eating and talking about donuts. Not a bad topic actually. The pastry talk ends and Hall announces, “We are ready to do it. This is going to be awesome.” Awesome? Maybe, maybe not.

Daryl and the band are on stage and the first song is “Save Me” from Hall’s album, “Laughing Down Crying” which was released late last year. Look, Daryl has a great voice and he does a really good job singing the song but it would be so nice of he’d sing some of his older songs like from his “Sacred Songs” days. Enough with “Laughing Down Crying.” Older fans would like to be reminded of some other tunes and newer fans would be amazed if he ever came on stage and belted out “Something In 4/4 Time” or “NYCNY” or “You Burn Me Up I’m a Cigarette.” “Laughing Down Crying” has been featured more than enough times on LFDH.

That being said the next song Daryl sings is “Eyes For You” also from “Laughing Down Crying.’ Look, this is a nice song, beautiful even, and Hall sings it with lots of emotion but viewers have heard it many times during the last year. With so many wonderful tunes that Hall has written one would think that he can sing something else.

Hall then talks to the audience about Philadelphia and “Philly’s 60s sound taking the world again.” Then Hall says “Philadelphia rules, it’s the God’s truth.” Yeah, ask a New Yorker about that.

Then viewers see the dressing room and the group is talking about Sharon’s dresses and how she and Allen (Alan) dress differently.

Back on stage Hall introduces Allen (Alan) and says how much he likes the 24-year-old singer, how much Stone reminds Hall of himself, how Stone sounds like him, and how Stone even looks like him. At this moment Hall’s fans might be thinking about Hall and his personal life but will somehow refrain from thinking too much about it for now.

Allen (Alan) sings “Celebrate Tonight” with Daryl joining in.

Next is “Unaware” but before Stone sings it he goes on about how wonderful it is to be singing with his idol, Daryl Hall, and that it’s a dream come true. This is a real love fest between Stone and Hall. Fans are trying once again not to think too much about Hall’s personal life but it’s getting hard with Stone and dad, oops, Daryl, praising each other so much.

Sharon Jones is next on stage where she sings “100 Days.” Jones really blasts it and it’s a wonderful to listen to her incredible voice and to watch the joy she shows.

The second song Sharon sings is “I Learned The Hard Way.”

Oh no, a cooking segment at the Borgata? Why oh why couldn’t Hall leave this at his upstate New York home? This wasn’t even a real cooking segment. It’s a video of when the group with a chef made cheese steaks a few days earlier in New York. Cheese steaks again! This is easily the third time Hall has brought in a chef to show his fans how to cook up a steak, throw some cheese on it, and put it all on some bread. You don’t have to be a Rachael Ray to make this. Okay, this cheese steak is different, some pizza sauce was thrown on it to turn it into a pizza steak.

Back on stage for the last song: “Everytime You Go Away.” This song is a favorite but not the way Daryl, Sharon, Allen (Alan) and the band sing it here. It’s hard to believe that a tune this spectacular can sound almost boring.

And then “Live From Daryl’s House” comes to an abrupt end. The audience stands and applauds, Daryl applauds, Sharon and Allen (Alan) applaud, and then they’re gone. Was the show as “awesome” as Daryl said it was going to be? Parts were good but awesome might not be the right word.

This episode can be see any time at all. Just go on the website and watch it. You can even watch any of the other 58 shows that are archived. Watch out for those typos though.

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