‘Live From Daryl’s House’ – Daryl Hall Back to Basics With Rumer Recap Video

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It took quite a few months of suffering through episodes of “Live From Daryl’s House” until Daryl Hall finally asked England’s glorious singer, Rumer, to join in for this newest episode.

Enough with the Rap music, enough with Reggae, and enough with trying to pull in viewers younger than 40. Daryl has finally come home to the audience that made his career what it is today. Some soul, a ballad, and a terrific singer, that’s all his fans from the 1980s begged for and Mr. Hall handed it to this group on a silver platter in the form of Rumer.

Rumer, what can be said about Rumer? Listen to her music, listen to her pure voice, listen to the words of her songs and new listeners will fall in love with her. Nothing can describe her as well as her music can.

The show started with Rumer driving up in a van saying how happy she is to be in the company of a great legend like Hall. Then she spoke about her release of Daryl’s beautiful “Sara Smile” that he and John Oates released almost 40 years ago. Rumer’s real name is Sarah and the song means a lot to her. She goes into the meaning in greater detail later on.

Hall greets her with a hug and then kind of introduces her, with a wave of his hand, to his family and friends. Thank goodness that didn’t last more than ten seconds.

After telling Hall how much she likes his kitchen off they go to sing.

The first of the six-song set was “Take Me as I Am.” It’s outstanding and what really perked things up was Rumer and Daryl singing together. Their voices are made to be heard as a duo. Forget Daryl Hall and John Oates, the duo should be Daryl Hall and Rumer.

“Be Thankful For What You Got” is the next on the set list. Her voice can make a heart soar. Even if a listener doesn’t want to hang out for the full song her voice compels you to stay. Then Hall joined in and music magic is brewing. There’s no way anyone cannot listen to this duet.

Next Rumer talks about her life and family. Her mother, sisters, and brothers all sang, wrote music, played the guitar, and sang in the church. Talent runs in this family. She never thought that being musical was anything special since she believed that all families loved music, sang songs, and played guitar.

The songstress loves everything from Blues to Jazz to Miles Davis to Led Zeppelin; there’s nothing about music that disagrees with her.

But she struggles with being Rumer and Sarah, her real name and two different people. The singer said when she first heard “Sara Smile” by Daryl Hall it made her think of herself and just who she is as Sarah. People hear “Sara Smile” and hear the love song that Hall wrote for his love of 30 years, Sara Allen. But Rumer doesn’t hear that love song, she’s identifying with it and when viewers learn this it doesn’t seem so strange to understand why she recorded a love song.

Next viewers hear Rumer and Daryl sing “Sara Smile.” The look on Rumer’s face tells fans what she’s thinking. When Hall sang his part in it Rumer just stood there looking at him, as if she was trying to figure out what was going on in his head when he wrote it and if it was anything like the way she feels as she sings it. Beautiful rendition.

The show now goes into the kitchen for the food preparation. Hall should think twice about the food preparation sequences. Viewers see a dinner segment and a food preparation segment isn’t necessary. Let the guest talk for a couple of minutes longer instead.

And there was something odd going on in this episode. Two men were boxing. Some fans think it was Hall’s manager, Jonathon Wolfson in the boxing shorts. Why would that be shown? Why would Wolfson be boxing? What was going on?

The fourth song was “Lady Day & John Coltrane.” Nothing can be said about it except that it was outstanding.

Next fans hear them sing, “Slow.” Rumer said it was amazing to hear Daryl sing one of her songs. It was amazing.

The last was “No Can Do.” Not again! How many times are fans going to have to listen to this song? It’s been sung, easily, five or six times on the series … but not like this. In all the years that Hall & Oates fans have heard them sing “No Can Do” no one has ever heard it sung the way Rumer and Hall did.

The music and Rumer made this episode one of the best. It would have been the perfect show if Hall omitted the dinner and the food preparation segments.

Daryl Hall’s internet show was back in its element. He found a guest who sings the songs that he sings and has a voice equal to his. Both are extremely talented. These two have to record an album together.

This was the first time in almost a year when some viewers were unhappy that an episode of “Live From Daryl’s House” came to an end.

You can watch Rumer sing with Hall for free at the website.

Here’s Rumer singing her recording of “Sara Smile.”

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