‘Live From Daryl’s House’ Recap: Nick Waterhouse in the House—Who?

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This month Live From Daryl’s House welcomes Nick Waterhouse who Daryl Hall calls a “traditionalist singer/songwriter.” Hopefully this show will be interesting since Nick Waterhouse is not exactly a household name. That’s probably because last year he was working in an office and playing gigs after work. A lot can happen in a year. Waterhouse went from filing papers to singing with Hall and his band.

Nick arrived at Hall’s upstate New York home and was immediately brought in to meet the band. Thank goodness viewers didn’t have to watch Waterhouse meeting Hall’s family if that happened away from the camera. It’s nice to note that the last few episodes the family has not been seen in the web cast.

Hall’s band includes Paul Pesco who is Daryl’s right hand man. Even though he’s very likable he just seems to be around at the beginning and end of the episodes to just smile and agree with whatever Hall says.

Then there’s drummer, Brian Dunne, Eliot Lewis on keyboard who’s still seems to be trying to make a name for himself as a soloist but not quite succeeding, Klyde Jones, Porter Carrol, the great Charlie DeChant on saxophone, and Nick Waterhouse’s tenor saxophonist, George Schafer.

Daryl tells his viewers that this is going to be a R&B/Rock and Roll show. Nick, Hall says, likes to put danger back in music.

The first song was “Say I Wanna Know.” Nothing dangerous here except for the lyrics conjugating “I Wanna Know” into “I tried and I wanna know; she tried and she wanna know; he tried and he wanna know; they tried and they wanna know.” Hey, conjugating is hard!

Next up on the list was “If You Want Trouble.” No trouble or danger here either just a nice enough tune with a sixties-type of beat.

Dinner prep time. It was a hot day so Daryl thought it would nice if the chef made some Baltimore style crab cakes with white bread and mayonnaise mixed into the crab. Still looking for the danger here. Well, warm mayonnaise can be dangerous.

The third song was “Some Place” or maybe it’s “Someplace” since the title is spelled two different ways in three places. Daryl might want to hire an editor to proofread a little. And figuring out the spelling was the most interesting part of the song.

Uh oh, drummer Brian Dunne has found a snake in the back yard. Daryl says it’s the same snake he saw on the other side of the grounds last year. The same snake from last year? How does he know? But Daryl is so sure that he’s given the critter a name, Gary. One wonders if there’s a real person named Gary that Daryl might not be too fond of.

Next song is from Hall’s “Laughing Down Crying” album called “Problem With You.” This is nice song by itself with just Hall singing but Nick was joining in. Daryl has a strong voice, definitely one of the best in the business and other singers should think twice about singing with him because Daryl’s voice is so much better. Nick would have been wiser if he stuck to playing the guitar and left the singing to Hall.

Next on the web cast is Dinner Part 1. Part 1! Oh no, that means there’s sure to be a Part 2 later on. This is where the band talks to the special guest singer. Tonight’s Dinner, Part 1, was slow. It was so slow that the most interesting part was that Daryl changed into a tee-shirt. Oh, and Eliot asked a question. Did someone feed him the question or did he actually think of it by himself?

Back to the Big Room where everyone sang “Times All Gone.” Unfortunately, not all that dangerous or interesting either and listeners might have pondered if the title should have been “Time’s” instead of “Times.”

Back to the dinning area for Dinner Part 2. More talk and everyone is enjoying their corn on the cobb. New York State does grow some good corn on the cobb.

Finally something good and dangerous, “Hit The Road Jack” is the last song sung. Saving the best for the end and the best being Charlie DeChant playing his saxophone along with tenor saxophonist, George Schafer. This is a good upbeat song that held everyone’s interest, even the viewers.

Nick Waterhouse seems to be a very nice person who thinks a lot of himself but that’s okay. Daryl Hall thinks a lot of himself too but Hall’s been around for over 40 years and has earned the right to think this way.

What new singers, and some older singers, have to realize is that just because you have a voice doesn’t mean you have what it takes to be a “star.” You need something more than just being able to hold a tune; you need a personality, and Waterhouse didn’t show much of his personality during his visit to “Live From Daryl’s House.”

Maybe next month’s guest will really add the “danger” into their songs.

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