‘Live From Daryl’s House’ Welcomes Daryl Hall Episode 47

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A couple of times a year the only guest on “Live From Daryl’s House” is Daryl Hall. These episodes give viewers a chance to listen to Daryl and remember just why they’re his fans. Tonight was no different. It was close to perfection.

Hall recently released his newest album, “Laughing Down Crying” (LDC), and this month and next month he’ll be debuting it on the show.

The program starts with Daryl (the guest) driving in his RV saying things that other guests say as they’re driving to the show. “I hope I can harmonize with him; he’s such an iconic figure; there’s Jesus, there’s Buddha and then there’s Daryl Hall.” An attempt at humor here.

Daryl tells viewers that they’ll be meeting and getting to know a few different people—producers of LDC Paul Pesco and Greg Bieck. Hall also says that his audience will be meeting his 18-year-old stepdaughter, March Fry, who “had a very important part of the background singing.”

The first song is the title track, “Laughing Down Crying.” Five days ago Daryl Hall turned 65, but you really couldn’t tell it by listening to his voice. No matter what anyone says about him they cannot deny that he can still belt out a song with the best of them.

If you look behind Daryl Hall, in the shadows, in the dark, you can see March’s brother, Orson, banging on the octopad. Daryl doesn’t mention his stepson but viewers should be aware that he’s playing with the band too.

Then there’s a small segment with some people giving opinions of the album. Everett Bradley says, “The new album sounds amazing.” Zev Katz proclaims that Hall “is a powerful singer.” Stepdaughter March says something or other. Speak up dear. Eliot Lewis says it’s “a great record.” Bradley says he hoped it would “showcase Hall’s voice.” Paul Pesco says it’s “an incredible collection of eclectic songs” and March says “something, something, 24 hours.”

They then sing “Talking To Myself” which Hall has sung a lot recently to promote the album. Next came the very pretty “Lifetime of Love” which is reminiscent of the Hall & Oates days. A segment about Hall’s best friend Tom “T-Bone” Wolk is next. Wolk was one of the producers of LDC but sadly died of a heart attack just as they started recording the album.

The beautiful “Eyes For You” is next. You can see how close Daryl is with his stepdaughter, March, just by watching how they react to each other. Very touching.

Time to cook. Viewers watch as they make some Italian food. Daryl samples some, March comes in with her hat on and eats some. Daryl says he likes it. March says something or other but she probably likes it too.

The next song is “Save Me.” It’s almost gospelly and very good. March has a solo, okay she sings a line alone. It would be nice if the girl sang a little louder and maybe show some emotion.

Not meaning to criticize Ms. Fry, but Hall is making her his back up singer and promoting her on every talk show he’s on. The 18-year-old young woman is being pushed into the limelight and people will be noticing her.

Daryl ends the episode by saying that the band is “playing so well” and that “March is singing so great,” so stay tuned for next month’s episode when viewers will hear the rest of Daryl Hall’s “Laughing Down Crying.”

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