‘Live From Daryl’s House’ Welcomes The Dirty Heads

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Well, there’s a lot to be said about this episode of Live From Daryl’s House with Daryl Hall’s guests The Dirty Heads.

The Dirty Heads is a reggae band and their two singers, Jared “Dirty J” Watson and Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell flew from California to New York to appear on the show.

As Dirty J and Duddy B were being driven to Daryl Hall’s upstate home, the two kept looking out the window commenting that they didn’t expect New York to look the way it did. Uh, guys, California is not the only state that has trees. These Californians looked like they were Columbus discovering New York State. “Hey look Duddy, they have squirrels here too!”

The boys were greeted by Daryl and introduced to the Daryl Hall Band: Paul Pesco, Brian Dunne, Eliot Lewis, Klyde Jones, and Porter Carroll. Porter Carroll? Yes, “guest” percussionist since Everett Bradley ran away to play with Bruce Springsteen’s band.

Jared and Dustin told the camera’s how they use to listen to reggae all the time in their youth. They also played Jimi Hendrix and the band Sublime, an American ska punk band from Long Beach, California, on their record player. Then they joked around about the term “record player.” Wonder what they would say about an 8-track tape player. Kids!

On to the songs.

The first one Daryl and the Dirty Heads played was, “Spread Too Thin.” This is a reggae type song. Nothing too spectacular about it or the performance except that Jared and Dustin have weak voices. Sing with conviction boys.

Then Jared and Dustin tell the camera’s about how things are going for them. “Great” they say. They just finished their new album which will be released in June and they’ll be going on tour soon. They consider California radio station KROQ their home. It seems that KROQ gave the group their first big break and played their songs before they were famous, like they are now. Ahem.

Next song they all sang was, “Cabin By The Sea.” Yet, anther reggae song with a very simple melody and with even simplier lyrics; “When the sun goes down we can start a fire.” Nothing to it at all.

The best part was when Daryl messed the song up and they didn’t re-sing it. That’s probably because Hall’s mistake was the song’s highlight. When the tune ended Jared said, “I fu**ed up a bunch of times but it was Daryl’s fault.” Yeah, Jared, blame the man who’s not only feeding you but giving you national attention. Hall answered by saying, “It was completely my fault.” Maybe Daryl fell asleep while singing the dull lyrics.

Cooking segment time. This episode has Sal Nicolosi, chef and owner of Mexicali Blue from New Paltz, New York. He showed everyone how to “cook” sushi with hot sauce. Raw tuna at it’s best with all kinds of hot sauce to spice it up. Daryl and The Dirty Heads all agree they like their sushi raw and their hot sauce hot. This segment went on far too long.

The third song is “Stand Tall.” You guessed it, another reggae tune. This asks the musical question, “Tell me what we’re fighting for.” Maybe we’re fighting for these singers to stop the reggae music.

Time to eat. Two boring segments of The Dirty Heads, Daryl, and the band sitting around the dinner table talking about how The Dirty Heads need to find a keyboard player. It was Daryl’s keyboardist, Eliot Lewis, who commented that Jared and Dustin didn’t have a key player. Wonder if another one of Hall’s band member’s is looking to jump ship.

Not that anyone is counting but this episode of Live From Daryl’s House spent 16.24 minutes on food preparation and eating. Way too much time on food if you ask some fans.

Song number four: “Lay Me Down.” See comments above about “Cabin By The Sea.”

After the second dinner segment the show finally comes to life. The group gathers around their instruments to sing a Daryl Hall song from his “Soul Alone” album days, “Send Me.”

This was what the show was missing—a talented singer singing a wonderful song. It never fails to amaze people how powerful Hall’s voice is. He belted it out like he hasn’t sung it in ten years. He did a sensational job with it! Note to all singer wannabe’s: if you can sing anywhere near as well as Hall you’ve got it made.

You can say a lot about Daryl Hall and lord knows a lot has been said about the man, but his talent cannot be denied. The singing voices of The Dirty Heads were put to shame by the soon to be 66-year-old Hall. When Jared sang one of the verses of “Send Me,” he “butchered” it. His words. But even that mistake couldn’t take away the voice and talent that Daryl has.

The last song was a good Hall and Oates ditty from 40 years ago, “Rich Girl,” à la reggae. The Dirty Heads put their own spin to it and added some rap. It appears that Hall will be recording their version of “Rich Girl” with them for an album. The song was okay, not as good as “Send Me” but nowhere near as bad as “Cabin By The Sea.”

At last the “Live From Daryl’s House” House of Reggae came to an end. All the tuna was eaten, Eliot Lewis decided to stay with Daryl’s band, and the two groups bid each other a fond farewell.

Jared and Dustin had a swell time and were honored that Daryl asked them to visit the wilds of New York to sing with him.

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