‘Live From Daryl’s House’ Welcomes … Well, Just Where Is LFDH This Month? Recap

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On the 15th of every month fans of “Live From Daryl’s House” (LFDH) sit patiently by their computers waiting for the clock to chime 8:00 pm so they can watch Daryl Hall’s popular web cast. But when February 15 finally arrived no episode came with it.

Where was it? Viewers thought that Hall had a few episodes previously filmed ready to be aired but something horrible happened; Daryl disappointed his faithful following. Instead of watching a new episode the website has the January episode on its main page with a note from Daryl saying, “Hi Everybody: I guess you are wondering why there is no show. We’re going on a production hiatus and we’ll be back with new episodes soon. In the meantime, keep on watching the past episodes here and on Palladia (11pm EST every Thursday night).

“Thanks for all of your support and keep on telling everybody how much you love the show.

“And, see you soon.


Now fans are arguing within themselves wondering just why the popular award-winning web series is suddenly on hiatus.

For almost a year the show became mediocre at best. Even his die hard fans are saying that. There are women on the web who will defend Hall no matter what he says, does, sings, and says but within their own little secret groups they openly wonder what is going on. How could such an innovative show that was so good when it first began suddenly jumped the shark? Is there trouble in paradise?

Even though the shows were getting more and more boring viewers hoped that the next month’s episode would be better.

Then administrators of the official LFDH Facebook page stopped posting after January 28. Fans were asking who the February guest would be and the only response they received was spam that was finally removed the morning the February episode was to air. Where were the administrators?

So what’s going on? Even though Hall constantly tells the public that he has no problems getting guests the caliber of singers and bands who’ve been on recently maybe Daryl should be a little more selective about who he invites.

A year or so ago LFDH hit television where it was aired in selective areas and in the very early hours, like at 2:00 am. Then a few months ago the television version started airing on VH1’s sister network, Palladia, where even less people can see it. Not everyone has cable or that network and many have to pay to watch Palladia.

Just before LFDH went to the cable network the director and producer of the show was changed. The new director is Robin Davey and the new producer is Greta Valenti both from GROWvision Creative Studios. And oddly enough the studio hasn’t been tweeting and hasn’t updated their home page since the end of January either just like the official LFDH Facebook page. Does this mean anything?

The LFDH hiatus could be nothing more than Daryl being too busy touring to think about his web cast. Or could it be possible that Hall is thinking about stopping the show because of money issues? Or does the fact that LFDH is now being aired on the Palladia network that’s causing the hiatus? Many wonder if a deal might be in the making to stop airing the show on the web thus forcing fans to subscribe to Palladia. No one is talking so viewers think the worse.

The only thing that viewers know is that something strange might be brewing and fans are afraid that the show might be leaving the web. But in Daryl’s little note he promises that “Live From Daryl’s House” will be returning to the web soon.

If and when it returns hopefully Hall will take a look at some of the posts on the LFDH Facebook page and read what his faithful followers are saying.

They desperately want the show to come back but with a different type of guest. Maybe it’s time to overhaul the series.

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