Livestrong Sporting Park is Kansas City’s New Stadium

Livestrong Sporting Park is the name given to Kansas City’s new stadium. The stadium’s new name was finally announced yesterday after more than a year of debate. It must have been great for residents to know they are getting a new stadium but it must have also been concerning for them not to know what to call it until now.

However, there’s a few reasons why Livestrong Sporting Park is such a uniquely chosen name. Instead of the Livestrong nonprofit foundation paying for naming rights, “a portion of all stadium revenues – including ticket sales and concessions – will fund a nonprofit effort to fight cancer.” Livestrong Sporting Park is also the only major professional sports stadium to be named after a charity.

Of all the years of professional sports, it’s almost a little shocking that none of the other sports stadiums have taken this amazing step. Oh well, someone’s gotta be first and this is a great first for Kansas City.

Livestrong is Lance Armstrong’s non-profit organization and Livestrong Sporting Park will be Kansas City’s new stadium’s name for the next six years. The Major League Soccer club’s CEO Robb Heineman states that the goal of Livestrong Sporting Park is to raise $7.5 million for the non-profit organization throughout the course of the name agreement.

Hopefully, the charity will get their donation in full and fans will be prompted to enjoy a great game more often. It’s always easier to enjoy one’s self when one knows that it’s for a good cause and fighting cancer is a great cause.

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