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I just returned from the best living history event I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of them. It’s no secret that I love history, and I love it when history comes to life like it did today. For several years now, different family members have been attending the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon at Historic Fort Ouiatenon Park near West Lafayette, Indiana.  Every year there is something that has prevented me from going, so I only ever got to hear all about it and see the pictures.

This year though, it was held in September, rather than October, and nothing was on the schedule that I couldn’t move around! I am so glad I had the chance to go because this event is bigger than I imagined and it really was a living history festival in every way– no half butted stuff here!

Some snapshots of the event:



There were traditional tradesmen everywhere and all of them were very good at both working and interacting with folks.






I love bands of every kind and there were so many military bands present, each representing a different part of this historical experience.







Loved seeing all the tents, teepees and canoe huts! Next year I want to be one of the performers, I have always wanted to be a part of a living history event, and since  Native Americans– Joe and the twins say there used to be several tribes involved– were a huge minority I think I could fit the part with my dark complexion and long black hair. I get asked all the time what tribe I am from local tribes. We will see….






Everything about the encampment is living. Folks were prepping and eating meals everywhere and we even saw kids hauling back water to their sites throughout the day. This woman was making beef stew and applesauce.




Another tradesmen, this time making arrowheads from these huge rocks. I got a video of him working that I will share, it was so neat to see him taking this huge rock and chisel away at it till he had something you could use.







The girls were so looking forward to the apple fritters they made here. There were several groups that had their own concessions, but they have to make it using period methods and tools so it was really interesting getting to see your treats, meals and drinks being made. They had everything from herbed pork chops to these giant ovens to make dumplings and cakes to all kids of stews and soups.  And then there was the twins favorite. One stand sells homemade root beer, the line is huge, but you can buy a bottle and then they charge you $1 for a refill. Each of the kids had their own bottle and kept going back to imbibe, lol!


It really is a full day event, if you are planning on going, and next year I plan on staying for the whole weekend so that we can attend both days– thats if we don’t end up as performers!!– because you can spend one day just watching all the shows, performances, and tradesmen who make up the living history part and a whole second day walking around all the merchant shops. I was super thrilled that everything was not super expensive like other fests I have been to and especially Ren faires. Everything that is made and vended has to be true to the period, so it is truly a unique marketplace with some very beautiful things.

I purchased a bunch of handmade kitchen items and saw a lot more that I would love to have. My mom got this beautiful handmade cutting board too!  I also picked up jewelry for myself and the twins, including noisemaking ankle bracelets! Oh, there was this one booth with all these crafted gourds made into beautiful bowls, cups and bird houses. They had these tiny gourds hanging on string for $2 so I bought one and  am going to etch it with the Feast’s symbol and hang it as an ornament on our family tree.

If you are interested in going yourself, it is happening tomorrow too! It is usually an entire weekend in the fall, either the first weekend of October or the last of September. Family passes are $30, Adults $10, children $5.  You can read all about it here:

If you go next year, let me know, because I will definitely be there! The drive from Chicago is not bad– only took is 2 1/2 hours.  I will be posting more pics, videos and stories later, so watch for them! 

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