Lizzie and Leonard – 100 Word Stories, Week 17 – Challenge

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(The prompt for this week: Sex and the City.)


"I'm tellin' ya, Lizzy, nobody is going to notice us."

It was daring to lie with Leonard in the soft soil under the bushes aligning the outer perimeter of the city's botanical garden. They'd snuck in before visiting hours, her need for him demanding. Now, watching feet shuffling, hearing the ebb and flow of voices unnerved her. She inched away from him.

"People never take notice of lizards here. They're too busy oohing and awing over the flowers and butterflies." He overtook and embraced her again.

He was right. Finally convinced, she closed her eyes and relaxed into the moment.


Tanya P. ©2008
(100 word count)

(Critique is welcomed.)

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