Lobster Poo – What is it and Why was it Recalled?

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Suzipoo, a company based out of Ogunquit, Maine, has recalled its Lobster Poo. No, this is not a joke. The Suzipoo company sells a variety of bagged candies with such names as Lobster Poo, Black Bear Poo, and Seagull Poo.

The recalled “poo” is packaged in clear plastic with a red bow, and says, on the front label:

“Lobster Poo
I went to Maine and here’s the scoop!
I came back home with Lobster Poop!”

The recalled packages contain “burnt red peanuts,” which are candy-coated peanuts. Some of the packaging did not state that there are peanuts in the “Poo,” so the Lobster Poo is being recalled.

If consumed by someone with a peanut allergy, severe or fatal allergic reaction could occur.

The Suzipoo Lobster Poo was sold in three different Maine shops from August 1st of this year, through August 18.

If you have purchased the recalled “Poo,” you can return it to the store you bought it from for a refund, or call Suzipoo at 207-251-0523 if you have any further questions about the recall.

Luckily, no illnesses stemming from consumption of the recalled Lobster Poo have been reported. (Of course, one imagines that someone would feel a little silly reporting that Lobster Poo made them sick.)

Lobster Poo images via FDA.gov

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