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Every small town has a local newspaper that mainly has pages dedicated to sports news, written by parents highlighting their own children’s accolades. “Johnny scored the winning goal to a thunderous applaud from the crowds. With his superlative skills as a soccer star, Johnny will add this first goal to the list of achievements that he is accruing for the IVY’s. Johnny will turn 6 in October.”

Our local newspaper is printed once a week, for a Thursday delivery.  The news, is usually not what I would consider earth shattering news.  It is local news that make you wonder why you live in a small town.  “The town meeting was held into the early hours of dawn. All view points were expressed before the debate began whether the town should approve the budget to purchase books for the newly built library.”  The vote will be held at the next town meeting.

The section of our local newspaper that I loved the most was the police and fire blog.  The calls that were called to their direct line were recorded and placed in a log.    Within the log, there was the  basic, locked out of house, locked out of car, missing dog, cat in tree, type of calls.  In each paper, there were a few gems that kept you coming back for more:

October 31st:

10:00 am  Toddler locks frantic mother out of home.  Police break open 1st floor window to rescue toddler and open front door.  

10:15 am  Call for back-up assistance, frantic mother screaming obscenties at police for breaking window.

11:16 am Anonymous Caller phones, dog in the middle of Central St. looking lost.

11:18 am Police drive by Central St., no dog in the middle of road to be found.

11:20 am Caller phones, dog sitting in middle of road looking ill.

11:25 am Police drive by address, no dog in middle of road.

2:00 pm  Parent on Smith St.calls frantically looking for child.

2:05 pm  Police search house and yard, school bus shows up late dropping off child.

3:00 pm  Parent calls school and police, child missing, did not get off bus.

3:06 pm  Child found asleep on bus, bus driver to drop off at end of route.

7:00 pm  Caller reports bear in parking lot of Kmart.

7:10 pm  Police reports man in bear costume lost car keys, searching parking lot on hands and knees.

Now you know why I cancelled my newspaper.  Does your town have a local newspaper?


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