Lohans Not Laughing at ‘Glee’

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The Glee episode “The Substitute” hit the right notes for many people, but there are a few that weren’t impressed. That’s because Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, a substitute teacher by the name of Holly took a few shots at Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan’s mother and siblings weren’t laughing at the LiLo jokes. According to TMZ, the Spanish class scene in which Paltrow’s character worked to connect with the students by talking about how “totally crazy” Lohan is and quizzed them on how many times Lohan has been to rehab (five) hit some sour notes with the family.

Dina Lohan is quoted as saying, “Shame on them.” The family feels that the jokes were “tasteless”–and they should know about tasteless. As Lindsey is busy completing her fifth stint at rehab, her mother is “set to produce a film in which her son, Michael Lohan Jr. will star as a heroin user.”

Were the jokes on Glee out of line? Not really. Lohan is a very public figure who has very publicly unraveled. The jokes about her were brief and a lot nicer than many of the ones that have been made.

What is out of line is the way her family seems not to really be there for her. Lindsey is going through a difficult time, and her mother is more concerned about making movies casting her young son as a drug addict and attacking a sitcom for a rather mild joke about her daughter.

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