Loki In The Avengers Movie Reveals Toughest Foe

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It’s always been a point of good-natured contention among comic book fans: Who would win in a fight between their favorite superheroes? Hulk vs. Thor. Iron Man vs. Hulk. And so on. While fans may never get definite answers to such lofty questions, they can at least get a supervillain’s perspective on which Marvel superhero presented his toughest challenge in The Avengers movie.

That opinion comes courtesy of Loki, the God of Mischief himself via the actor portraying him onscreen. Tom Hiddleston evidently relished his role in the superhero saga and reveals that Loki goes toe-to-toe with each member of the Avengers. That should offer up a lot of cinematic pyrotechnics. Imagine seeing Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk in pitched battle against the renegade Asgardian. The geek juices are flowing already!

In the comics, Loki was the catalyst that caused Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to form the Avengers to begin with. Good to see director Joss Whedon is staying true to the comic book canon. It’s just the latest tidbit from the eagerly anticipated Avengers movie. From what fans have seen of various set photos and leaked footage, it’s shaping up as a worthy capstone to all of Marvel’s post-credit teasers leading up to next summer’s blockbuster.

So, which hero turned out to give Loki the most trouble? Obviously, it was …. but that would be telling. And Hiddleston’s answer may have been a sly diversion anyway. (After all, Loki is known for his lies and trickery.) Fans won’t truly know which superhero can take on a god until The Avengers movie opens May 4, 2012.

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