‘Lola Versus’ Movie Review: Greta Gerwig a Drunken Mess

The movie review for Lola Versus is in and Greta Gerwig (Lola) is an actress to watch out for. Gerwig’s likable characters in Arthur and No Strings Attached are paving the way for her to be the next lovable yet down-to-earth go-to actress for quirky comedies.

Lola Versus movie posterIn In the film, Grewig plays a woman who gets dumped just three weeks before her wedding. On top of that, she’s about to turn 30. Needless to say, Lola dives into a tailspin of emotions, nearing-30-crisis, and self-acceptance in the course of the movie.

Gerwig’s performance as Lola gave the troubled character a personality that lots of women can relate to. Truth be told, women can agree, the years between 27 and 31 can be tumultuous, especially if friends are getting married and moving to the next phase of their life.

In Lola Versus, Lola eventually comes to terms with where her life has ended up. Sure, it wasn’t an easy trip from being almost married to realizing that being single is now a fact, but Lola overcomes the obstacles and makes the movie enjoyable at the same time.

This is definitely worth a few hard-earned dollars at the movie theater. Save the DVD experience for another film!

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