London Mascots 2012

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I live in Scotland, so London 2012 is the closest thing to a home Olympics that I will ever have. And I do believe that we will do a good job during the games. I hope that it will run smoothly and that everyone will be welcomed in and it will be a great party.

However, the run up to it has already come in for a lot of criticism. If you’ve seen the Olympic logo you’ll understand why.

It looks like it was done by a five year old OR worse still someone who doesn’t care. It was certainly picked because it was five to five on a Friday and they wanted to get to the bar. The colours are awful and the animated one flashes with many bright and garish colours that, if the papers are to be believed have cause epileptic fits. I’m not surprise if it has cause honestly I can’t look at it with out my eyes straining and getting a headache.

Now, to be fair we Brits moan, it our national past time, that and queuing. Many people believe that our Olympics will be rubbished.  A joke on the opening sequence to ‘mock the week’ says – ‘Olympic medals will not be ready till 2013.’ I hope that gives you the general sense of how we approach things like the Olympics. We make jokes that express out sense that it is all going to go wrong. This is because we hope that we will be pleasantly surprised and, if we’re not we can say ‘I told you so’. All of us believe that after the logo it could only be up form here.

Now below are the new Olympic mascots.

This is Wenlock and Mandeville (from left to right as you look at it)

We have abandoned the tradition animals that are normally used. They don’t look much in that picture. Let’s be honest they look rather rubbish. HOWEVER! The animation that has been done is very sweet. They are made of metal, which explains whey they are silver, and the back story is that they ‘came to life’ from two drops of metal from the last bit of steel to go into the stadium. A kindly man working there takes the molten blobs home and fashions them into figures and they come to life.

They have classic London symbols such as London cab headlights and on Mandeville the lit taxi sign on cabs. Wenlock’s head is based on the new Olympic stadium and Mandeville’s head is based on the Paralympics symbol.

Personally, I like them. I think their cute and the departure from the norm is welcome. But I can’t help but think that people won’t like them, simply because we are British and that’s just not our way. I hope though that they will be like, simply for the fact that they are improvement on the logo. If not for that, then because someone had the good sense to fire the last designer.  

Now if we can only keep the mayor of London out of the opening ceremony then everything will turn out fine.  

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