Look Behind, But Forge Ahead: Thursday Writing Essential Circle of life 1/2/2014

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I’m so much more than what was done to me

I am what I decide to make it

Yet those who fall asleep in History

Will be, it’s said, doomed to retake it


Like the Grand Canyon, I’ve been carved by time

Like David, shaped by art and steel

My fossil layers bared by wind and rime

My chiseled features all revealed


And what art student stands across the room

Determined not to see technique,

Does not examine every subtle hue,

And give each brush stroke just a peek?


And what geologist’s content to look,

The ancient secrets to unlock,

At specimens inside a picture book,

And never crack a fossil rock?


My battle scars, like Lady Liberty

Upon a well-worn silver dime

Are smoother now, more difficult to see

With every healing hand on mine


But wounds still hide and fester in my heart

If I don’t wear them on my sleeve

They’re part of me, my wisdom and my art

The self in whom I must believe


My friends get bored, dismiss me with advice

Just let it go, don’t get obsessed

By gagging me they think they’re being nice

Healthy it’s not, just easiest


What kind of poet dares not look within?

A superficial one and dead

To look behind is not the biggest sin

If one resolves to forge ahead


If I am ever to be truly free

I must remember what it is I flee


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