Looking Deeper Into That Mirror Before Me: (A Poem)

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Looking Deeper Into That Mirror Before Me:  (A Poem)

Each morning as I look into the mirror,

a vision of who I am is revealed to me

The reflection before me is unfiltered;

nothing can be questioned or changed

There is no preconceived acceptance of the man

who stares back at me through that frosted glass

I cannot change the reality of what that mirror will show me

at that precise moment in time

I sometimes allow my eyes to look for

a more defining meaning with that vision before me

Only I have the ability to see beyond

that simple reflected image the mirror presents each day

An understanding exists between the mirror and me;

lack of truth is not a possible conclusion

It cannot reflect anything that is not related

to what I give it as a means to look back at me

I could stare for hours into that mirror

yet it will never have the ability to show me my heart

It cannot tell me that I am wrong or right,

and yet at times, it indirectly does just that quite well

In that same sense, that mirror will reveal

my assets and flaws if I allow myself to look deeper

That is where the phrase, “looking with honest eyes”

actually may take me to its truest meaning

That mirror does not remember

the daily changes that are a part of who I am

Only I have the actual ability to distinguish

the difference between today and yesterday

The visual changes are not allowed,

nor will that mirror place judgment of me

That reflective component is left up to me,

and to me, alone

When I look into that mirror,

that mirror looks back at me

Revealing to me who I am,

sometimes in a very indirect manner

When I look at myself standing before me,

I see far beyond that simple reflection

I see a man who must demand a deeper understanding,

of who I see looking back at me

Vic Damico 2014


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