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Each month, HarperCollins features the best of their nonfiction books and authors in the new group Bright Ideas from Bestselling Authors. Bright Ideas will introduce you to at least two new authors each month, and here’s the best part: we’re giving away free copies of each book to members interested in writing book reviews!

In October, Bright Ideas will offer Gather members never-before-seen stories from reality TV, past US presidencies, and Wall Street traders.

  • Dancing With the Stars: Jive, Samba and Tango Your Way into the Best Shape of Your Life by Dancing With the Stars offers a behind-the scenes look at ABC’s reality TV series.

  • The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told by Rick Beyer includes 100 astonishing, bewildering, and hilarious stories about many of our past US presidents. The
  • Complete TurtleTrader by Michael W. Covel reveals trading techniques that made Wall Street legend Richard Dennis and his disciples, the Turtles, millionaires.

Request a copy by sending me a message with your mailing address and interest in writing a review, with “Book Request” written in the subject line. Please also specify which book you would like to review.

The books are free and will be sent directly from the publisher. Please note that only writers who agree to review the book will be selected and please limit your request to one book. Quantities are limited. Members who have received a Collins book within the past 3 months are ineligible. 


This month’s books:

Dancing With the Stars: Jive, Samba and Tango Your Way into the Best Shape of Your Life:

Based on the hit ABC series, Dancing with the Stars has everything a fan of the show could want: never-before-seen pictures and stories from the stars describing their favorite moments on the show and how they trained for each week’s competition; a behind-the-scenes tour of what goes into the all the hair, makeup, and costumes each week; a look at all the key dances performed on the show; and finally, a complete dance-based workout that helps you lose weight, get fit, and have fun. Filled with photographs and detailed instructions, this book will inspire you to take to the dance floor and get a dancer’s body yourself. Anyone who has watched the show knows it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, male or female, a talk-show host or a football player—this workout will get you in the best shape of your life.


The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told:

What most of us don’t know about our presidents could fill a book—and this just happens to be that book! From the archives of The History Channel® comes a treasure trove of quirky presidential history that will truly astonish, bewilder, and stupefy. Like Abraham Lincoln’s duel or Jimmy Carter’s UFO sighting . . . and let’s not forget about the president who went skinny-dipping in the Potomac every day! If you want to find out how “Hail to the Chief” came to be the president’s song, why the Oval Office isn’t square, which president saved the game of football, and why Washington, D.C., could have been named Hertburn, this is the book for you.


Complete TurtleTrader: The Legend, the Lessons, the Results:

Bestselling author Michael W. Covel describes how Richard Dennis interviewed and selected his students, details their education and experiences while working for him, and breaks down the Turtle system and rules in full. He reveals how they made astounding fortunes, and follows their lives from the original experiment to the present day. Some have grown even wealthier than ever, and include some of today’s top hedge fund managers. Equally important are those who passed along their approach to a second generation of Turtles, proving that the Turtles’ system truly is reproducible, and that anyone with the discipline and the desire to succeed can do as well as—or even better than—Wall Street’s top hedge fund wizards.


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