Looking for the Next Tech Baby Boomers

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It’s not true that to be a tech success you had to have created a major start-up before you left Harvard to pursue your billion-dollar dream (à la Gates and Zuckerberg). In fact, some folks are willing to bet that there just might be a few aging Baby Boomers out there who have enough savvy to create the next TiVo.

With technology so dominating this new century, should it be any surprise that Boomers should be called into action? Actually, yes. Technology seems to be a young person’s game, and ideas the purview of the 20-something crowd. Not so fast, says the AARP (who else?), which is now the proud sponsor of Innovation@50+.

The idea is to give two outstanding technology masters (over the age of 50) the opportunity for scholarships to the DEMO Conference, a Silicon Valley venue that has produced products like Java and Symantec and TiVo. Of course, it is the only scholarship program targeted to that just-slightly over-the-hill crowd.

As reported in DailyWorth.com, the AARP believes that putting this particular segment of thinkers in front of 200 venture capitalists just might be a great idea. “People over 50 have an advantage because they have experience and knowledge,” says Jody Holtzman, Senior VP of Thought Leadership at AARP. “The investment community should keep an eye out.”

For too long, the over-50 crowd has been pushed aside in favor of the new and upcoming. This scholarship program clearly demonstrates that there may be some new tricks from those old dogs yet.

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