‘Looper': Five Reasons to See This Smart Sci-Fi Film

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Science fiction film making is tricky. Make the movie too far out there and only die-hard sci-fi fans will go see it. Let it take itself too seriously and no one will go to see it. It’s a tough balancing act but one Looper seems to meet it if the film’s buzz is correct. Here’s why.

First, the concept is truly imaginative. Not the time machine part, obviously. That’s been done before. However, having the mob control the time machines is a unique twist. Having them use the time machines to get rid of their own hit men is a stroke of pure genius.

Next, the new movie has two amazing actors playing the same character. Solid action film star, Bruce Willis plays the older version of Joe. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays young Joe. While the two actors look nothing alike, somehow the two make it believable. It’s because of the skill of the actors involved.

Then there is Emily Blunt as a protective mother. That may sound boring, but Blunt on a farm is not. She’s a gun-toting mama who will do anything to protect her child. That’s a totally new kind of role for the actress.

The time-switching timelines might be hard to follow at first. However, once the audience gets with the beat and invests in the characters, it offers a roller-coaster ride of thrills, chills and action.

That’s because the mob goes back in the past to recruit younger versions of their hit men to wack themselves in the future. That way they don’t have to worry about cops finding a dead body. That’s a good thing, because apparently getting rid of that kind of evidence in their 2074 time frame is next to impossible. Anyway, that’s called “closing the loop”; hence the film’s title.

Now here’s the kicker. When Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets hired to off an older version of himself, there’s just one problem with the plan. His older self, aka Bruce Willis, isn’t ready to go. That’s why the duo gets locked in a very unusual battle. The question becomes this: Who is smarter and more cagey; Old Joe or New Joe?

The word is that most movie goers probably won’t guess the ending of this film. It has more twists than 10 roller coasters strung together. Just as one plot looks inevitable, something new happens to change everything around. It’s likely the most mind-bending film since Source Code. Only Looper looks even better.

Those are the reasons to give the film a try. Once you do, sound off with your opinion—thumbs up or down?

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