Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Lessons

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Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is a fictional character introduced on the television show “How I Met Your Mother” last year.  We first introduced Lorenzo Von Matterhorn here in November.  Now Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is hitting the search engines again to help all of use look more intelligent.

According to Lorenzo Von Matterhorn rules, there are several ways to look smarter…just like Lorenzo Von Matterhorn.

Lorenzo Von Matterhorn fans recommend wearing eyeglasses.  After all, it makes Sarah Palin look smarter.

Another way to make people think you are intelligent is to walk around carrying a smart newspaper such as the Wall Street Journal, just like Lorenzo Von Matterhorn.

A good haircut and using big words are more ways to resemble an intelligent person.  You might even create a fake Lorenzo Von Matterhorn persona for yourself.

Here is the episode of “How I Met Your Mother” with Lorenzo Von Matterhorn (yup, the Doogie Howser dude) and his playbook about how to look like a rich guy on the Web:



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