Lorenzo Von Matterhorn – Who Is He?

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Lorenzo Von Matterhorn – who is he?  Everyone is talking about Lorenzo Von Matterhorm and searching for him.  Has anyone actually found Lorenzo Von Matterhorn?  Let’s consider the possibilities:

- Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is a distant, handsome cousin of Lorenzo Lamas;

- Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is the latest webpreneur with an array of businesses;

- Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is a name assigned to a questionable character in the witness protection program; or

- Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is the latest porn star. 

None of these are the case, so who is Lorenzo Von Matterhorn anyway?  Wikipedia lets us know Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is a fictional character thanks to a plot on the November 16 episode of “How I Met Your Mother”.  A.V. Club tells us even more about “How I Met Your Mother”, the Playbook and Lorenzo Von Matterhorn.

Check out a clip of “How I Met Your Mother”:


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