Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets Game 5 Preview

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Heading Into Staples Center

Game 5 goes down tonight between the Lakers and the Nuggets. Los Angeles is currently up 3-1 in the series, and they will be looking to end the series tonight with a win against the Denver Nuggets.

This series has been great to watch, and it has provided a lot of excitement for the NBA fans. Both of these teams have shown a lot of talent and heart, which is something that is expected for playoff basketball.

Los Angeles Looking To Move On

lakersLos Angeles are coming off a great performance in game 4. The final score ended up being 92-88. Kobe Brant scored an impressive 22 points and Bynum scored 19 points, which helped Los Angeles prevail in game 4. Jordan Hill also helped out the cause and scored 12 points with 11 rebounds. Their defense came through late in the game, and they will look to finish off the Nuggets tonight in game 5.

The Nuggets almost came away with the victory. They had a better performance in game 4. Gallanari lead the Nuggets with 20 points with 6 rebounds. Ty Lawson has been having a terrific post-season, but he was held to only 11 points in game 4. Andre Miller scored 15 off the bench, but it was not enough as they narrowly lost to Los Angeles.

Keys To Victory

The Lakers will need to set the tempo early in this game and get off to a great start. They will need Bryant and their big men in Paul Gasol and Andrew Bynum to play on both ends of the court. They will need grab rebounds on both ends of the floor and will need their bench to come through again tonight.

For the Nuggets, they will need to play better defense. They will also need Ty Lawson to have a better night if they want to prevent their playoff season from being over. Gallanari also needs to have another great game in order to keep this game competitive.

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