Loss of Memory

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Memory lane, where might that be?

It seems that I have lost my way

Forgotten times are long since past

How can it be, I’ve naught to say?


I can’t remember past my nose

I’ve come so far to fall behind

Starting to wonder who I am

If thoughts were eyesight, I’d be blind


It’s not fair that I’ve forgoten

Friends and loved ones all together

What’s happened I cannot recall

Ones who at my side do gather


I want to cry, but don’t know why

My mind just wandered off somewhere

So many gone in search of me

I’m lost in space, it’s just not fair


But now the nights grow longer still

Despair and hope may never meet

The possibility for me

My loved ones won’t admit defeat


Author notes:  As long as there are doctors and medicine, the individual with Alzheimer could still get help.  Someday a cure may be in place.  My own dad suffered with Alzheimer for a number of years.  He has since moved on to that great hospital ward in the sky – no more sorrow, no more pain.

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