Lost Recap ‘Sundown’ at the Temple Review and Theories

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The latest episode of Lost Showdown, I mean “Sundown”, was slow moving but ended with a bang. I feel in these past two episodes we’ve gotten the story progressed but not many answers. What do we know? Jacob has been watching everyone, the others have a scale that can show you the balance of good and evil in a person’s heart, and Dogen was the key to keeping Smokey away. Buh?

The last one confuses me. What about the circle of ash? That stuff the off island others carried around them that worked before. Are we now to believe with one character death the ash circle means nothing? I guess Flocke’s Flock will get to have free reign on the island. Luckily Miles was saved at the last minute by Ilana and Lapidus.

Which brings me to another point, I was thinking about Lapidus today. I’m not sure if he meant to be named for someone but I do remember one Lapidus from history. He was one of the members of the second Triumvirate in Ancient Rome. He teamed up with Mark Anthony and Octavian (later Augustus Ceasar). The producers have said that it’s hard to guess the ending to Lost because we don’t have all he pieces. What if there is a third side? Someone else is coming to the island….

The nail biter for me this episode is seeing Claire and Kate walk off together. The audience knows that Claire wants Kate Dead. We also know that Flocke needs Kate for his plan as he seems to be recruiting the candidates to his side. Once again it seems Kate has gotten herself in the middle of two powerful forces. We can only hope for a “Fistful of Dollars” type scenario. With our favorite con girl Kate playing off of both sides.

Lastly we have the Flash Sideways. We get some insight into what might have been between Nadia and Sayid and it isn’t a happy story. It seems like they are one pair destined to be apart. We see Sayid’s brother who has gotten himself into trouble with a loan shark. His bother ends up in the hospital after getting beaten by some thugs. Did you see Jack make a cameo on screen at the hospital? Neat addition.

Who does the loan shark happen to be? It’s none other than that villainous mercenary Keamy. It turns out in every lifetime he is just a jerk, to be polite. The biggest surprise though isn’t the return of this villain but a Jin tied up in the closet. Why?!! It seems like we may not get an answer until we see Jin and Sun’s Flash Sideways since next week’s episode looks very Ben centric. And did you hear what I heard in the promo, demise of a character? Could Ben be the next main cast member casualty? Are they talking about someone else?

That was “Sundown” and things are heating up on Lost. Tune in next week and keep on watching.

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