LOST Season 6 Episode 6 – Sundown (Recap)

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Hello LOSTIES!  Welcome back to another round of the greatest show on earth!  Although, I will not pretend to be confused on what is going on!   That final scene heading into the sunset was just flat out nuts!    But, I am still loving this roller coaster ride of a final season.  And for that, I dub this 6th hour of LOST Season 6 with its well deserved WOW!!  We were given lots of information and visual evidence to take sides in the Good vs. Evil battle.  I would have to say after tonight it seems pretty clear that there is a Good and an Evil (although many will still argue that this is not what the show is about).   We have been told by the powers that be to not automatically assume Jacob the White is good and Man in Black is bad based on their colors alone.   How about basing it on one of them turning Claire and Sayid into some giddy death happy servants?!   Eh, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Not all is as it seems, I’m sure.   But woa, that was some crazy stuff.   Let’s rewind and get into the recap!


Sundown.  For the first 5 hours of this season, the centric episodes have “mirrored” (pun intended) the first 5 hours of season 1.  We got our mostly Jack but some others Premiere episode, we got our Kate episode next, then our Locke episode, then Jack, and then Sun……wait.   Ahh those tricky writers!  They called the episode “SUN”down but it’s a Sayid episode!   Sayid’s season 1 outing was the 9th episode “Solitary”.  I guess they had to abandon that formula eventually with Charlie being the 7th and all.    Okay, enough math.   In Sayid’s Sideways story we definitely have some interesting character crossing, some interesting differences in his life but some very clear similarities.  And one major way in which it differs from the previous episodes this season, Sayid does not end the episode with a happy ending (but he certainly is all smiles ON the island right?)   On Island, Sayid is tasked with making a choice between Team Jacob and Team Flocke.   Kate also returns into the mix and has the reunion that she truly desired.   Also starring: Miles, Ilana/Frank/Sun/Ben and THE OTHERS!!    Let’s break it down!


Flash Sideways – Sayid

We open up the show with Sayid getting out of a cab in Sideways Los Angeles.  The neighborhood looks very familiar.  I’d harken back as soon as Locke’s neighborhood from sideways land, and as far back as the neighborhood that we saw Locke running into Nadia while home inspecting back in Season 2’s episode “Lockdown”  (hmmm… Sundown, Lockdown…Coincidence?  Probably!)    Anyway, definitely some interesting things to note here.


  • Sayid came to Los Angeles to see Nadia, yes.  But this wasn’t the first time he has seen her in awhile.  In fact, she is with his brother Omar.  (at least I think that’s the name they said.  There is another Omar in this episode as well, but we’ll get there)

  • We actually did know Sayid had a brother from last season’s episode “He’s Our You”.  We found out that Sayid’s father gave him approval over Omar because he had the guts to snap a chicken’s head.
  • Omar and Nadia have 2 kids and the kids love their Uncle Sayid.   He even brought them boomerangs from Sydney. awwww
  • Sayid is a world traveler translating contracts for an oil company.   Seems like he is making a pretty honest living.  We do learn though that he was still an interrogator in the Republican Guard and still has an internal struggle for what he has done.
  • Sayid and Nadia still carry a flame for each other.  Sayid still carries a picture of her, which happens to be the same picture that the FBI gave him in Sydney in the original storyline.  Whether that’s a coincidence or not, I don’t know!   I’m guessing based on what we were told, Sayid was on business and not on a forced assignment to prevent a terrorist attack and, in turn, caused his friend to kill himself.
  • Anyway, it appears that Sayid pushed Nadia towards his brother.  He cannot forgive himself for the things he has done in the past.  It is not mentioned whether or not Nadia was still an activist and came into contact with Military Sayid all of those years back.   Sayid says he could never be with Nadia in Sideways land, but this never stopped his determination in the Island timeline for him doing everything in his power to get to her.  (of course, with a little Shannon detour!)
  • Omar is in over his head with the 2 dry cleaning stores and appears to owe some money to some goon (an eternal debt as he pretty much implied).   He requests Sayid to return to his old ways and put some fear into these lenders.   Sayid refuses.
  • Omar ends up in the hospital after being attacked by said goons.  Nadia begs Sayid to not do anything and to just go back to the house and watch over the kids.   Sayid does end up listening to Sayid.
  • Did I mention we saw Jack walk by in the hospital and appears to be the surgeon that will fix Omar.


  • Things get much more interesting though, when Sayid gets picked up the next day at the house by the Goon Squad.   Now, maybe some were quicker than others.  But I saw this guy and started wondering “Why do I know this guy??”   I think the suit threw me off.

  • They take him to some random kitchen where HEAD GOON #1 is making some eggs.  And he sure loves making Eggs.  And all of a sudden we’re thinking “wait is this season 4 Eggtown again?”    Close enough.  Because Head Goon #1 is Sideways land is none other than Martin Keamy!

(You gotta love to hate this guy!)
  • I honestly never thought they would find a way to bring Keamy and his #2 Omar (ooohhhhh yeaaaaah!) back into the fold.  But this was fantastic.   It doesn’t seem like Keamy is working for Widmore in this storyline.  Of course, we don’t even know if Widmore was on the Island when it was submerged or what not.   Depends on when it was submerged!
  • Keamy pretty much is looking of his money, which he claims Sayid’s brother is lying about.  The debt was never settled and Keamy is owed much more.    He also claimed to have nothing to do with Omar Jarrah being in the hospital.
  • Keamy gets distracted eating his eggs and Sayid makes a move.   He ends up grabbing Omar and Goon #3 takes out Omar (nice shooting!  Omar always dying by his own people killing him)   Sayid shoots Goon #3 and then Keamy is all alone.   It was nice to watch Keamy beg for his life and forgive the debt.  But Sayid “once a killer always a killer” Jarrah does not give in.  He shoots Martin Keamy and the dude hits the ground.



  • Now, all logic would suggest that this is the end of Sideways Keamy.  But if our Island storyline has taught us anything, he may pop up to cause Sayid a little more of a problem before actually dying.   The reason I think this is because I do not think we have seen the end of this story.  Why, do you ask?
  • Because there was a knock on what I think was the freezer door.  And when Sayid opened it up, it was none other than Jin who speaks “NO ENGLISH!!”

  • Hmmm, so what was Jin doing in there?  Here’s a crazy idea, Jin was supposed to be bringing that watch to someone in both storylines.  What if Keamy was always the guy that this watch was going to?  I am guessing whenever we get Jin’s sideways story we will fill in these details and possibly continue this storyline where Sayid opens the door.   And wouldn’t it be great if Keamy tries to catch them off guard and Jin gives him a kung fu kick to the head?    Stay tuned folks!
Interesting thing to note, I do not think we saw Sayid looking in any mirrors in this sideways storyline.  There were no deja vu moments, just character crossings and the tale of a man who pretty much resorts to killing in both timelines.   Does this make Sayid an unredeemable person?  A person with true evil in him?   I would like to think not, but who knows!?   In this case, he was defending his family.  And on the Island or off Island working for Ben, he was defending his friends.   So, to be continued on this one!
Note: after verifying, we do see Sayid’s reflection in Nadia’s door at the beginning of the episode.  Possibly intentional on the whole reflection thing going on!


The Island

The last we left the “claimed” Sayid on the Island, he was questioning Jack on why people were staring at him so strangely.  Jack explained that Dogen wanted him dead and even mentioned that this all happened to someone else (we can assume he said it was Claire off camera).  Well, some point after Hurley and Jack got on their way, Sayid decided it was time to get some answers for himself.   He brings himself to Dogen’s “office”.


Sayid confronts Dogen


  • Sayid barges in demanding answers from Dogen.   He wants to know why he was hooked up the machine and got stuck with needles.  Someone on the blog called this last week when Claire was talking about being stuck with needles that she was referring to this machine.  Kudos!
  • Dogen talks about there being a scale for every man for Good vs. Evil.  This machine tells them how the scale is balanced.  Sayid’s scale tipped the wrong way.  I would say that Dogen was intentionally being vague here if he didn’t refer to Smokey as “Evil Incarnate” later!   But, do we really accept that this machine can ACTUALLY tell if a person is good or evil?   Reminds me of Jack’s awesome comment in season 2.  “The last time I saw a computer that was going to save the world, it didn’t look that!”   And that green screen computer saving the world actually seems a little more plausible than a GOOD/EVIL detector.  Sounds like something out of a Crackerjack box!  But, let’s just go with it!   Dogen confirms that he thinks it would be best if Sayid was dead.
  • Sayid tells Dogen that he is a good man, which we argued above is somewhat true.  He seems to always have people’s best interest in mind even though he goes about it the right way.   But we also know about the “darkness” growing inside of him due to this crazy claimed status.   Anyway, Dogen wastes no more time talking.  He decides to start the fight of the century.  Samuri Dogen vs. Iraqi Military Breakdancing Neck twister Sayid!   I could give a play by play on the fight or I could just show some pictures.  Both guys had the upper hand at some point in the fight, but Dogen had the advantage at the end.


Choke Move


Rockette’s Audition


Frisbee Toss


Caveman Club


Dogen in slow motion “Noooooooooo!”


Sharp Thing to Sayid’s Neck, but sees Baseball on the ground

  • And just like that, Dogen just tells Sayid to leave and never come back.  The baseball definitely has some significance to his past Island life, and we find out a lot more later.
  • On Sayid’s way out of the Temple he runs into Miles.  He tells Miles that he has been banished and that he is apparently evil.  He doesn’t understand it since they were the ones that saved him in the first place.  Miles told Sayid that the OTHERS tried to save him but didn’t.  He was dead for like 2 hours.  (this is the first time we got a time period)  He says that they were just as shocked as everyone else when he sat up.  “Whatever brought you back…it wasn’t them”   Ugh, this still drives me crazy.  Dead is Dead on LOST.  What is going on with him!?
Claire’s Arrival
Meanwhile, right outside the temple, Flocke and Claire stand by the great circle of ASH.   Flocke has tasked Claire with an important mission.

  • Claire doesn’t understand why she has to go into the Temple.  She says that he could send Sawyer or Jin.  Uh oh, does that mean Jin has been claimed too?   And does that mean both Jin and Sawyer have turned into possessed creatures of the smoke as well?   Claire also suggests that Flocke could do it himself.  But MIB says he wouldn’t be asking Claire if he could do it himself.   That crazy ash!
  • Claire says that if she goes in there she wants Flocke to keep his promise.  She wants her son back.  Flocke claims to always do what he says.   Well he also told Sun that he was going to help her find Jin, but then he just went right along with his agenda to kill Jacob!   Just sayin…Flocke is not always a man of his word.  But it is good to note that Claire has motivation to be doing what she is doing for Flocke, more than just her being “CLAIMED” or possessed or what not.
  • Claire, almost with a conscience, asks if Flocke is going to hurt the people in the temple.  And he responds with “Only the ones that won’t listen”…yikes  Claire heads in.
  • Claire enters the courtyard with her arms in the air.   Lennon tells them not to shoot.   She tells Dogen that “he” wants to see him.  Dogen starts his Japanese talk again and Claire demands English.   Dogen says he’s no fool and that if he steps outside of the Temple grounds ol’ Smokey will kill him.  Claire suggests sending someone he won’t kill.  Sounds like a mission for this week’s centric character!
  • Dogen instructs Lennon to put Claire in the hole (which we find out is a very literal order) and to bring Shephard and Reyes to his room immediately.  Lennon mentions to Dogen that he can’t find them.  Dogen instructs to look harder!   Naturally, we know that Jack and Hurley were escorted as far away as possible from the Temple by Jacob to avoid the wrath of Smokey.

Dogen’s mission for Sayid

After Claire is taken away, Dogen approaches Sayid and tells him to come with.  Things have changed since Sayid was banished.
  • Sayid wants to know why Claire was here and what she was talking about.  And thus we get some information on the Smoke monster.
  • Dogen refers to Claire as a confused girl “under the influence” of an angry man.   For years, the man has been trapped.  But now that Jacob is gone, he is free.  The man will not stop until he has destroyed every living thing on this Island.  He is Evil Incarnate.    So this gets into the whole idea of Smokey being stuck in this role of “security system” working for Jacob.   And the questions come back up to who really is the EVIL one.  Jacob the master manipulator or MIB the master manipulator?  hmmmm
  • As Dogen is talking he unveils a weapon.   He wants Sayid to kill smokey.  We become under the impression that this knife is the one true weapon that can kill him.  Dogen brings up that he will come to Sayid as someone he knew who has already died.  But the most fun wrinkle of all that will have everyone speculating is that Dogen told him to not let the man speak or it will be too late.  Sayid needs to plunge the dagger deep into his chest.

  • Sayid questions why he would do anything for Dogen.   Dogen responds to Sayid by telling him to prove that there is still good in his soul.    Sounds like an honest statement.   Then again, he also told Jack to REDEEM himself by trying to get him to give Sayid poison.

Kate returns

  • On Sayid’s way out to carry out his mission, he runs into Kate who is heading back to the Temple.   Sayid is confused and heads out informing Kate to ask Miles what is going on.
  • Okay, so I gotta ask.  I thought Kate was going to wander around the Island until she finds Claire? granted, Claire IS at the Temple, but Kate doesn’t know that!   She told Jack and Hurley she is not going back to the Temple, and Kate clearly was surprised when Miles tells her that Claire is there. So, I am guessing we won’t see what Kate has been up to, so are we just to assume that she gave up?   And if she gave up, why wouldn’t she try to find Jack and Hurley instead of going back to the company of Dogen, resurrected Sayid and Miles?   Oh well, even on the greatest show in existence, there tends to be some “writing conveniences” from time to time (or all of the time!)
  • Kate enters the Temple and goes to talk to Miles.  Because Miles and Kate are such friends (sarcasm) there is a cheesy greeting on both ends.  Miles: WOW   Kate: Good to see you too  Miles!    Remember when these 2 met and Miles wanted to kill her thinking that she killed Naomi?  My how far we have come!  Granted Kate also got Miles access to Ben so he could demand his $3.2 Million.  Something tells me Miles won’t ever be seeing that money!    Okay, back to this episode.
  • Miles asked Kate if Sawyer kicked her out.  He said he was going to go after him too but just figured that he would get berated until he left.  He assumes the same thing happened to Kate, to which she “pretty much” agrees.
  • Miles also tells Kate that the australian chick is back.  She strolled in acting all weird.  “Still hot though”…  Okay, while it seems like a throw-away hysterical line, maybe it holds some significance?   We have been speculating since season 4 that Miles possibly was sensing something off about Claire after she was caught in the Explosion at OTHERSVILLE.  He kept staring at her and Sawyer issued the restraining order.  Maybe, he truly did just think Claire was hot and was interested in her?   It just happened to be in the same episode that he tells Sayid he was certifiably dead and sat back up 2 hours later.  Of course, it doesn’t explain why he was staring at Sayid weirdly during the “death phase” and told Hurley that his look was “nothing.”    Not sure why I even try to crack these codes!  I really do just like enjoying the ride!
  • Kate finds Lennon and demands to know where Claire is.   Lennon is concerned to find out where Ford and Kwon are.   But Kate gets her way by pushing him against a wall.
  • Just like I mentioned earlier, Claire definitely was put in a hole.   Naturally, this is not the Kate/Claire reunion that we expected back in season 5 when we speculated it happening.

  • Claire is singing her favorite song “Catch a Falling Star and Put it in your Pocket”.  It was the song that she wanted the prospective Australian adopting parents to sing.  It was the song that the oceanic airplane mobile played in the medical hatch nursery that was built for Aaron.  And of course, it was the song that Kate was singing to Aaron when she brought him to Cassidy’s house off-Island.   Of course, this version of the song is the creepiest we have heard yet.
  • Long story short, Claire tells Kate that the Others have her baby.  And Kate tells her the whole story of how they couldn’t find her and that she took the baby and raised him.  And that he’s so beautiful.  But let’s keep in mind what Claire said to Jin 2 episodes ago.  If Kate did take Aaron, she would kill her.   So you tell me, what does this look say to you?


  • Kate told Claire that she came back to rescue Claire so that she and Aaron could be together again.  Claire smiles and tells Kate that she’s not the one that needs to be rescued and that HE is coming and they can’t stop him!   Yikes
  • Kate’s time was up and Lennon takes her away.   I’m an optimist at times.  This can’t be how Claire ends up right?  Possessed by Smokey?   Granted, we don’t know where this Island story is going and its relation to the Sideways story, but surely there has to be a way to get the Claire back to sanity.  But like I already said, let’s just enjoy the ride on this one!

Sayid confronts Flocke
In the jungle, Sayid becomes surrounded by wind and the familiar noises of Smokey.  And then, John Locke shows up, a man Sayid knows who has died.




  • Flocke says “Hello Sayid” and then Sayid takes the dagger and plunges it right into Flocke’s chest.

  • He pulls the dagger out and says “Now why did you go and do that?”  Woaaa..so just like the gun the weapons have no effect on Smokey’s human form.    Now, what I suggested earlier about people speculating would be the fact that Dogen said “Don’t let him speak.”   This could be too literal, but he did say “Hello Sayid.”   I don’t know why Locke literally speaking words would prevent the monster from being destroyed.  So I am going to take it as Sayid interpreted it “Don’t let him talk to you and sway you to his side”  which definitely happens next.
  • First Flocke gives Sayid the knife back “Take it I won’t bite.”  Sayid wants to know what this person is.  Flocke being a little annoyed at being stabbed knows that Sayid already knows something.  Sayid brings up the whole Evil Incarnate thing.  Flocke feels sorry for Sayid and tells him that Dogen knew there was no chance of him actually succeeding.  He suggests that Dogen was hoping Flocke would kill Sayid.  He also asks Sayid if this wasn’t the first time he tried to get someone else to do it for him.  We recall Jack and the Poison Pill.  Sayid tells Flocke that it is not the first time.  “Shame on you for being talked into it so easily.”
  • Sayid clearly knows Flocke wants something since he’s not dead.  Flocke wants him to deliver a message and thinks it would mean a lot more coming from him than Claire.
  • Then we get into the Magic Box talk again.  Flocke promises Sayid he can have anything he has ever wanted anything in the entire world.  Sayid said that all he ever has wanted died in his arms.  Remember, we saw Nadia die last season and Jacob was right there asking Sayid for directions.  Perhaps he somehow caused the event to lead Sayid back to the Island?   Anyway, Flocke suggests that even if it seems impossible that he’d ever see her again “what if you could?”   Remember the White Rabbit episode when Jack and Locke had the heart to heart and Jack suggested chasing the ghost of his father is impossible.  Locke said “even if it is impossible, let’s say here it is”  (Not verbatim but the same concept is at play here)
  • There are definitely themes here of making a deal with the devil and all of that.  But the other thing  that came to my mind was the SIDEWAYS timeline being at play.   Is that MIB’s goal?  To get off of the Island as if none of this ever happened?   Would he go back to the year and time that he is from with no memory of being on the Island (except for the occasional deja vu?)    Is Flocke just promising Sayid the world to get him to do his bidding?   To make that darkness grown inside him at an accelerated pace?   I can speculate forever, but whatever it is, it worked.  Because the next thing we see is Sayid returning and delivering the message!


Sayid Delivers a Message

Back at the Temple, it is raining and Dogen is staring at the entrance to the grounds.



  • Sidetrack for a second.  We know there was always an emphasis in season 1 and here and there in later seasons of Locke predicting when the rain would come and go and the fact that the Island storms happen so suddenly (Charlie talking about the Day turning into Night, end of the world type stuff).  I won’t discuss for long, but is it a coincidence that it is raining right after Sayid meets with Flocke?    And then you could suggest that Locke was able to predict the rain after he initially came in contact with Smokey in season 1.    It’s a stretch I know, and it may have just been raining that day when shooting in Hawaii!   But, I felt it worth bringing up and you know what?  It’s my blog so I did!
  • Anyway, Sayid returns and walks right past Dogen.  He talks to all of the others.  “There is a man in the jungle about a mile south of us by the outer wall.  He sent me back here to give you a message.  He wants you to know that Jacob is dead.  And because he is gone none of you have to stay here anymore.  You’re free.  The man that I met is leaving the Island forever and those of you who want to go with him should leave the temple to join him.  You have until sundown to decide.”   Cindy asks “What happens at Sundown if we stay?”   Sayid:  “You die.”  Dum dum dummmmmmmmmm


  • So, it doesn’t sound like such a bad deal, right?  The Man in Black is offering everyone a ticket off of the Island.  He suggests that Jacob has been keeping them all on the Island.  Remember when Ben mentioned to Locke in season 3 that he had to convince everyone to stay on the Island and not everyone wanted to?    On the other hand, he also delivered an ultimatum of killing anyone that decided to stay.  Why would he care if he’s free and just plans on leaving anyway?  Does everyone need to be dead for him to leave the Island?  (I’ve seen that crazy theory out there)   Is going home truly the Man in Black’s goal?  It’s all still unclear and by the end of this episode it would still seem like we should be siding with Jacob.  But the 2 things offered in support of Man in Black is that Jacob is forcing everyone to stay on the Island and that MIB is offering Sayid (and possibly everyone) a chance at getting whatever they wanted in life.   Interesting…
  • Pandemonium ensues.  Lennon tries to keep the peace.  He suggests that as long as they stay in the Temple he can’t touch them.  Cindy is leaving to follow Flocke (I am assuming the kids go with her).  She says the can’t chance being killed.   Sayid told Lennon that he was asked to deliver a message and now it’s up to everyone to decide what to do.  Lennon keeps screaming it is a bluff and that Smokey cannot come in (to which we get more on a little later).
  • Miles is confused to what is going on and asks Sayid if they’re leaving.  Sayid says that he still needs to return his knife and he sort of has an evil look in his eye.


Discussion at the Spring

We next see Dogen at the spring holding his baseball.  Sayid meets him there.




  • Dogen assumes Sayid let Flocke talk to him.   Sayid says, first he stabbed him, then he let him speak.  He tells Dogen this is twice he tried to have someone else kill him.  He asks why Dogen didn’t do it himself when he could.
  • We then get the backstory on Dogen.  The baseball is a reminder of his son which is probably the same kid we met during Jack’s Flash Sideways.  He was a business man working at a Bank in Osaka, Japan.  One day he got a promotion at work and went out with his co-workers to celebrate.   He got a little drunk and picked up his son from baseball.  There was a car accident.  He was fine, his son, not so fine.  In the hospital, a man came to him and promised that he could save his son in exchange for him coming to the Island and accepting a different job.  And he would never be able to see his son again.   The man was Jacob.  (Yikes, once again not a good PLUS for Jacob.  Why would Dogen continue to do this job if he could leave the Island now that Jacob is dead?)    Sayid says that Jacob drives a hard bargain (hmmm…wait how does Sayid know what Jacob does?).   Dogen asks if the man outside offered a similar bargain to which Sayid says yes.




  • Dogen informs Sayid that it is sundown and asks if Sayid chooses to stay or go.  Sayid says he’d like to stay, but then takes Dogen and throws him into the spring and proceeds to drown him.  WHAAAT???


  • Lennon runs in and sees what Sayid has done.  He tells him that Dogen was the only thing keeping Smokey out of the temple (now we know why it was a bluff but don’t know why Dogen had such powers).   Sayid tells Lennon that he knows and then slices his throat.  HUHHHH????



RIP Dogen and Lennon.  Woa



  • Clearly something has taken over Sayid as we have never seen him get so much enjoyment out of killing people.
  • I have to ask since it was in the healing spring.  Do we think Lennon and Dogen will be okay because of it?  Or because of Jacob’s death the pool no longer serves a purpose?
  • Anyway, no time to speculate on that right now.  Smokey is coming!  We hear the familiar sounds of the Smoke and then we see it come and wreak havoc on anyone that remained in the Temple.


  • Kate grabs Miles and tells him they need to run.  (well duh, that’s what Kate does best!)   They do begin running but then Kate realizes she has to get Claire before she can leave. Oh boy, we knew that was coming!
  • Miles continues on without Kate and tries to hold a door closed.  When it breaks down we realize it’s Ilana, Frank, Sun and Ben to the rescue!  Miles is all confused, and Frank says that they’ll catch up later (but in a cool funny way that only Lapidus can pull off!)

  • Ben offers to go get Sayid.  When he does he sees there is no saving him.  He tells Sayid there is still time.  Sayid smiles back “Not for me!”   Sayid is clearly possessed by something.  Considering how much history Ben and Sayid have, it was probably smart for Ben to flee for his life!

  • Kate goes after Claire and when she gets there Claire will not budge in her hole.  She says it’s safer to stay down there.  Just as she’s saying it Smokey comes rampaging through.  Kate flips into the hole and is hanging right underneath Smokey.  NICE!



  • Back with Ilana and crew Miles asks Sun where Jin is.  Naturally, this is the first time Sun has actually been able to confirm Jin is still alive.   Of course, we don’t know what condition he’ll be in if the 2 reunite any time soon.

(Well at least Sun was in the episode with her name in the title!)



  • Ilana finds the secret passageway that Hurley took Jack through in last week’s episode.  She gets the crew sans Kate and Crazy Claire in into the passage.
  • Then, there is the aftermath.  Remember all of those musical slow motion montages that we got earlier in the series with people eating or just enjoying each other’s company?   Well, we got one in this episode but it just dealt with Kate and the Crazies leaving the temple.  Kate grabbed a gun.  Claire and Sayid are all smiles.  They walk over a bunch of dead bodies.  And outside the temple, Flocke and the Others are waiting.  (Note: Music playing is yet another creepy version of “Catch a Falling Star”)



  • Flocke nods in approval of Claire and Sayid.   Kate looks absolutely shocked to even see John Locke walking around.

  • Flocke then begins to walk, and Sayid (smiling), Claire, Cindy, the Kids and all of the others are all following behind.   And it looks like Kate is the only one alarmed by the scene going on.

And thus my friends…we have reached the inevitable….

Wow, I have no more words to describe what is going on.  But, what’s up with all of the possessed people following Flocke?  How would they possibly turn the tables on us and tell us that the Man In Black is actually “THE GOOD GUY” that we will be rooting for by the end of the series?  I know they didn’t suggest that at all, but they did say not to assume he’s bad.  Yes, we could have one of those ambiguous tales where both Jacob and MIB have both good and bad sides to them.   But we want all of our LOSTIES on one side by the end of the show fighting for a cause that benefits them or the universe the most right?   We want the Heroes to triumph over the Villains right?   Why else would we have invested so much time in a show that ends in a stalemate?   And, I leave you with that to speculate over in the comments!   What did eveyone think of tonight’s episode?   Naturally, I loved it once again but I cannot ignore the crazy weird path that the show is taking right now.   If it’s a means to the end, which I’m confident it is, I’m all on board!
Hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I’ll see you next week!  NAMASTE!
Special Thanks to Dark UFO for the excellent Screen Captures!   And also thanks to my iMac as I was able to create many myself.  So by default, thanks to ABC too for allowing me to post pictures on the blog!



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