Lottery Winners Give Away $11 Million! Who Wants Some Money? {Video}

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A couple gave away over $11million in lottery winnings in just four months time. But, it is not what you would expect! Violet and Allen Large, of Nova Scotia, decided that the lottery money was not worth the headache, so they gave their winnings to charity!

Can you believe it? Someone actually didn’t want their lottery money? Violet Large, 78, explained, “What you’ve never had, you never miss.” She described the winnings as “a big headache.” Honey, the $11.2 million in lottery money would be a headache that most people wouldn’t mind taking a Tylenol or two for!

The couple won the lottery money of $11.2 million back in July. They first made sure their family was taken care of, and then they decided which charities were going to get their money.

The Larges decided to hand deliver their winnings to the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and local churches. They also decided to give some of their winnings to the hospitals that have helped Violet Large recover from cancer.

The couple plays the lottery twice a week, but have never won more than $1,000 before this monumental lotto win. Violet Large first thought she has won $10, but when she looked closer at the ticket, she realized she had won a whopping $11.2 million. Do you know the Larges are still playing the lottery? Don’t you know that they are making some new, close friends?

The Larges explained that were glad the money was gone. She said, “We’re the lucky ones. I have no complaints.” They admitted that they had no desire to start living extravagantly at their ages.

Wouldn’t the world be an extraordinary place if more people were like the Larges and gave away their lottery winnings? It would be so pleasant if more people would just share their money and possessions out of the goodness from within! We could all learn a lesson or two from this remarkable couple!

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