Louis Tomlinson Complains About ‘Larry Stylinson’ Gay Rumors Again

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Louis Tomlinson is probably going to have a nervous breakdown if One Direction fans don’t quit claiming that he and Harry Styles are in a secret gay relationship. So if Directioners don’t want Louis to decide to take a break from the band, perhaps they better let “Larry Stylinson” go.

Louis has admitted that he reads some of the freaky fan fiction on the internet, so he’s probably a little creeped out about what some Directioners imagine him doing with Harry. However, he’s really worried that fans are starting to believe their Larry fantasy. According to Sugarscape, here’s what he said about it:

“The thing is, they don’t believe it’s fiction.

A lot of them are so wrapped up in the conspiracy. Let me tell you now, they’ll find a way to put a twist on this interview. Yeah [it upsets me]. I think it’s pretty obvious when you see me and Eleanor together that it’s real.”

It could be argued that Louis Tomlinson is a little homophobic since he reacts so negatively to be called gay, but it sounds like he’s just upset because the rumors make it seem like he doesn’t really love his girlfriend Eleanor Calder. This might be why Harry Styles never talks about Larry Stylinson – he doesn’t have a girlfriend that he really cares about, so they don’t hurt him as much. However, the Larry lies could be putting a strain on Harry and Louis’ friendship since their every move gets overanalyzed by conspiracy theorists.

Louis went on to say this about 1D “fans” who can’t accept his relationship with Eleanor Calder:

“Think of the amount of time I spend with her. It’s crazy that I even have to say it’s genuine. The truth is, these people aren’t our real fans. That’s the way I like to look at it.”

Unfortunately for Louis, this is one of the downsides of being a celebrity – you can’t avoid having a few crazy fans, and there will always be people saying things about you that aren’t true. So perhaps he just needs to ignore the Larry fan fiction and focus on what’s real – his friendship with Hazza and his relationship with Eleanor.

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