Louis Tomlinson Doesn’t Want It to End!

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Louis Tomlinson of One Direction fame doesn’t ‘want it to end.’ What exactly doesn’t he want to end? How about his holiday after the VMA’s. Of course, Louis is claiming that he isn’t still in Los Angeles.

Louis took to Twitter on Monday afternoon. The 1D star was quick to share his admission that he was enjoying his playtime tweeting, “Don’t want my holiday to end ! Loving it!!”

Of course, this whipped the Louis Tomlinson and One Direction fans into a frenzy. Is it possible that the boys were still in Los Angeles? Were there going to be any special Louis, Zayn, Naill, Harry, or Liam sightings in Hollywood?

Unfortunately, for the hordes of raging mad 14-year-old girls, this their hopes of Louis and the boys still being in Los Angeles were quickly dashed. Tomlinson tweeted, “Just to confirm to loads of people asking I’m not in LA :).” No wonder he is enjoying his holiday, people think he’s still in LA, while he has gone elsewhere to escape the commotion.

And with that, thousands of young ladies were all at once saddened by the news!

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