Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles: Naked Stories Revealed!

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Are Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles addicted to getting naked? Perhaps they are just addicted to telling stories about flashing each other and everyone else.

The One Direction stars told stories in a recent interview that might make some one turn 50 shades of red! Apparently Louis was once kicked out of school for a week because he decided it might be a good idea to flash everyone during a performance of the musical ‘Grease.’

‘I once got suspended for a week for getting my bum out during a school performance of Grease,’ claims Louis Tomlinson.

If that wasn’t enough, Harry Styles seems to want to one-up Louis in how often they can flash their ‘bums.’

‘Harry likes to pull his trousers down,’ claims Louis, trying to throw his One Direction band mate under the bus. Louis goes on, ‘I’ve been asleep before and Harry has hit me round the head with his penis.’

This is somewhere between too much information and just flat-out wrong. Clearly these aren’t the kinds of images that parents of some of One Direction’s youngest fans need to hear from these guys. Then again, they are probably trying to keep up their ‘bad boy’ image as much as possible, right?

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