Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik: Who Got an ‘OOPS!’ Tattoo?

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Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne are all fans of tattoos, while Niall Horan has decided that his body is fine just the way it is. So which of his ink-loving, One Direction band mates decided to put a little more pressure on him to start a body art collection by getting three more tattoos?

Surprisingly it wasn’t tattoo parlor regulars Harry and Zayn. Instead Louis has apparently decided that he wants to catch up to his pals, who sport pretty impressive collections of body art. However, so far he’s stayed away from getting any large tattoos like Zarry.

According to Sugarscape, one of Louis’ new tattoos is the word “OOPS!” He had his new ink placed right above his tattoo of a skateboarding stick figure, so maybe the word is supposed to let everyone know that the skateboarder messed up the trick he’s trying to execute. Or perhaps he just likes the word oops — Louis doesn’t put as much thought into his tats as his band mates put into theirs.

Louis Tomlinson also got a few tiny tats of small birds, which might be meant to match Harry Styles’ large chest tattoo. Louis’ BFF got two swallows inked on his chest, and the birds are supposed to symbolize traveling.

Louis’ third tattoo reads, “Far Away.” Perhaps it’s the title of a new One Direction song, or maybe it references where Louis’ thoughts always are (he seems to have an extremely short attention span). “Far Away” also be a depressing reference to the way he feels when 1D tours – the guys have to spend a lot of time away from their loved ones.

So what do you think of Louis’ new body art? And who do you think has the best tattoos: Hazza, Louis, or Zayn Malik?

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