Louis Tomlinson Hints at One Direction Dog!

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Is Louis Tomlinson really serious about a One Direction pet? In a recent interview, Louis spilled the beans about the 1D guys wanting to take a dog on the road.

“We are going to get a dog on tour,” said Louis. in response to a recent question about missing their girlfriends while touring. Tomlinson continued, “It has no relevance to the question, but we are trying to persuade our management, woof, woof.”

So, should Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and the rest of the One Direction guys be allowed to take a dog on the road during their tour? It isn’t as if the guys aren’t already a chick magnet, but could you imagine them having a pet beagle (or some other pooch) on the road?

If their management were to allow the guys to have a dog on the road, what kind of puppy would it be. Better yet, what would they name the puppy? Perhaps they could get an English Bulldog and name it Simon. That somehow seems pretty fitting, doesn’t it? No word from any of Louis Tomlinson’s One Direction band mates about a puppy preference.

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