Louis Tomlinson Is Already Thinking of Baby Names: Watch Out, Eleanor Calder!

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Louis Tomlinson is already thinking about baby names, so Eleanor Calder better watch out—getting pregnant would temporarily derail her modeling career. Or she and Louis could always adopt.

Of course it’s to be hoped that no member of One Direction becomes a dad anytime soon since they’re all so young, but Louis’ baby talk shows that the guys are maturing and thinking about life beyond their boy band.

According to SugarScape, this is what Louis said about his favorite baby names:

“If I had a boy, I’d quite like to call him Leo, but I like Lucas as well.”

So obviously Louis Tomlinson is very proud of a certain letter in his name. Perhaps he also likes the name Leo because he’s a big Leonardo DiCaprio fan—Louis once said that he’d love for the actor to play him in a movie. And hopefully Louis has a baby boy when the time comes since he wants a son so badly that he hasn’t even bothered to think of any girl names. But perhaps he’s already agreed to let Eleanor Calder name their child if it’s a girl.

Louis would probably make an excellent father, but Harry Styles might make an even better uncle. He’s already showed off his maternal side by babysitting little Lux, the daughter of One Direction’s makeup artist. And maybe Zayn Malik also wouldn’t mind being put on diaper duty now and then—he was recently photographed playing with a baby at an airport.

So what’s up with Louis Tomlinson and the rest of One Direction having babies on the brain? Most boy bands would be enjoying their groupies and partying every night, but most 1D members seem determined to find someone special and settle down. Maybe the guys really do just want to live normal lives, and perhaps this desire is what keeps them grounded and makes them all such good pals.

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