Louis Tomlinson Reaches New Heights

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Louis Tomlinson and the rest of the One Direction guys have really been soaring over the past few months. The guys who were seemingly nobodies yesterday have virtually taken over the world and have made boy bands popular once more.

Louis has File:Louis Tomlinson Sydney.jpgreached his own milestone this weekend, getting 3 million followers on the popular social network, Twitter. His fans went crazy, almost instantly getting “Congrats Louis” to trend. He received tons of messages congratulating him on the achievement and fans know he will continue to get more followers as time goes on.

One Direction is having some wild success and they are constantly thanking their fans for all of their support. Louis Tomlinson is also thankful for the fans and his Twitter bio expresses that. “We would be nowhere without our incredible fans, we owe it all to you,” he writes.

As for the other guys, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik all have over 3 million followers. Liam Payne is lagging with just under 3 million but he will get there in no time.

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