Louis Tomlinson Talks About Harry Styles Pretending to be Bigger Than He Really Is

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Louis Tomlinson has made it known that he’s really tired of all the rumors that he and band mate Harry Styles are in a gay relationship (dubbed “Larry Stylinson” by dirty-minded Directioners), so now he’s trying to prove that he has no feelings for his friend by embarrassing him.

However, Louis’ recent comment about Hazza was actually a little flattering if you believe the big feet myth about men. According to Sugarscape, here’s the embarrassing secret that Louis revealed:

“Harry has the biggest feet by about half a size, but for some strange reason, he likes buying shoes in a size 11 or 11 and a half, when he’s actually a size 10.”

Maybe one of Harry Styles’ friends told the singer that gals go for guys with big feet, or perhaps the pop star wears a pair of clown shoes to balance out his big hair. And it’s always possible that his toes need some room to breathe—Harry does have four nipples, so he could have an extra toe or two, too.

Louis Tomlinson didn’t reveal why the members of One Direction have compared shoe sizes with each other, but perhaps they were just all trying to see if their feet could fit into Liam Payne’s fabulous pair of leopard print shoes. That’s right, Liam takes style notes from Snooki.

With all this talk about shoes and feet, it’s only a matter of time before a Directioner combines Cinderella and Larry Stylinson to write the next great fan fiction.

Since Louis likes to talk about shoes, perhaps One Direction should follow-up their new perfume with a line of fashionable footwear. Snooki created a pair of pickle flip-flops, so Louis’ carrot-covered canvas shoes could be flying off store shelves before you know it. And the band could also have a special pair of extra-large shoes made for Hazza featuring a fun cat and magnet print.

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