Louis Tomlinson Thinks Liam Payne Is ‘Hormonal’

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Louis Tomlinson is happy to poke fun at his One Direction bandmate, Liam Payne. Especially when it comes to the idea that Liam has finally hit puberty.

In a recent interview, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry piled on Liam Payne… now that he has finally reached manhood. They completely made fun of Liam’s recent moodiness, and even poked fun at his voice for being a bit “squeaky.”

Liam tried to keep the subject in the recent interview on point. Talking about the band, Liam said, “I just think that because of how much touring we’ve done, our voices have just got a bit better.”

Open a door and Louis Tomlinson steps right through it! “You’ve recently gone through puberty haven’t you? So that made a big difference,” Louis jabbed at Liam. “He was quite hormonal at times.”

Obviously, Liam Payne has gone through puberty, right? It certainly would explain his mood swings!

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