Louis Tomlinson Trying to Grow a Beard?

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Does Louis Tomlinson feel like he needs a beard?

And no, in this case “beard” isn’t referencing him dating Eleanor Calder to cover up his secret bromance with Harry Styles – unfortunately for all the Directioners dreaming of the guys coupling up, Larry Stylinson is just a myth.

Instead, the beard in question is the bit of facial fuzz that Louis has recently been sporting. Sugarscape posted a pic of the One Direction singer showing off a little more than a five o’clock shadow when he arrived in the UK after a few days in Sweden, so maybe he’s trying to grow his facial hair out (Justin Bieber would be so jealous).

After all, facial hair has been an important part of boy bands in the past – if Louis Tomlinson grew a signature goatee and ‘stache, he’d be joining the likes of the Backstreet Boys singers Howie Dorough and Kevin Richardson, as well as ‘N Sync’s Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick (hopefully no member of One Direction ever decides to emulate his dreadful dreadlock look).

Then again, judging on what happened to their careers after their bands fell out of fashion, maybe Louis shouldn’t want to join their ranks.

But perhaps he’s risking the move anyway because he wants to go for an older look – right now he kind of resembles an elf. Some facial hair would make him stand out from the rest of the band, too – maybe he thinks that his suspenders just aren’t enough anymore.

Of course it’s always possible that Louis Tomlinson has been sporting more facial hair lately because he’s just too darn tired to shave, and maybe Eleanor Calder has already made him shave it all off to avoid razor burn smooches. What do you think?

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