Louisiana Girls Denied Education

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In high school, pregnancy is contagious. If the school has one pregnant girl, it has 50. The number of teenagers getting pregnant is ridiculous. Do they not realize the plethora of ways to protect against pregnancy? And do they get that having a baby inhibits them from growing to their full potential. Word to all teenagers: Stop having babies! Have a life.

How Soon Do Pregnancy Tests WorkThat being said, a charter school in Louisiana is effectively banning all pregnant students and requiring girls that are “suspect” to take a pregnancy test. How is that going to help? Kicking the uneducated teenagers out of school? They will all grow up to be trailer trash with no education and no hope.

Would you say this is some form of discrimination? Sexual, clearly, because the same actions aren’t being taken if a boy knocks up a girl. Also, emotional, kind of in the way of emotional battery. However, that may get teenagers to quit trying to hide their pregnancy and get proper prenatal care. Do you think there’s such a thing as pregnancy discrimination? Not allowing pregnant teens into school would be the same thing as not allowing a black student to attend, just an example. One could argue that the color of a person’s skin and a pregnancy are different where as if you are black, there’s nothing you can do about it. However, there are lots of ways to prevent pregnancy, girls.

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