‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ Episode 9 Recap: B-I-C-T-H

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has been the surprise hit of the season. During a time when networks are usually gearing up for the big premieres of September, VH1 ruled summer and the 18-49 demographic with a hit that no one saw coming. Episode 9 left many questions unanswered and will definitely lead to a high-rated season finale.

Lil’ Scrappy and his mama are both confused. Scrappy doesn’t know which girl he wants to love, and Momma Dee is just plain confused. In an attempt to ridicule Scrappy’s long-time girlfriend, Erica Dixon, Momma Dee called her the B-word and attempted to spell it. Now why would she do that? Of course, the results won’t have her signing up for any spelling bee competition in the Atlanta school district. With the season finale inching closer, fans of the show are waiting to see if Scrappy will finally man up and stay committed to Erica or venture into VH1 reality madness with Shay “Buckey” Johnson.

Rasheeda decided to stick with her man. The self-proclaimed Georgia Peach was debating on whether to keep her husband, Kirk Frost, as her manager or hire the help of Waka Flocka’s mom, Debra Antney. Hopefully the decision will help further Rasheeda’s relationship with Kirk without causing any further damage to her career. Karlie Reed was also trying to balance her love life and career in Episode 9. Apparently Karlie is just now finding out what the hip hop industry has known for years—Benzino has a temper. In a heated debate, Karlie advised Benzino that his temper is getting in the way of their relationship. Does this relationship seem so unbelievable to anyone else? One minute they’re meeting in an empty parking lot, and in the next few episodes, they’re living together and considering marriage? Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young should have spent a little more time on the cutting room floor copying and pasting this relationship together.

After being teased with all the relationship issues, viewers were finally given the main drama with a huge showdown between Rasheeda and K. Michelle. Rasheeda is friends with BET reality star Toya Wright. Toya is married to Memphitz, the man who K. Michelle says physically abused her. Rasheeda brought up her suspicions that the allegations against her friend’s husband were false, and you can guess how K. Michelle took it. K. Michelle’s entire storyline seems to revolve around the drama of her past. Although her story may serve as a warning tale for many other women, hopefully producers of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta will help the vocalist harness her painful memories into soulful ballads just like so many other R&B divas did before her.

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